Monday, November 7, 2011

My niece's birthday party....

I am hopeful this week that I can catch up on my blog posts from our Dallas trip.  I thought last week I might have more time to work on these, but it just didn't work out.  And so my friends, in addition to our World Series date, here is another fun memory from our trip.....

Just a little background first---Noah and I ended up making the trip to Dallas (a/k/a "Big D") with Jody at the last minute.   My hubby had to be in "Big D" for several days for work and he asked us to join him so we could spend time together as a family in the evening.  My sis (inlaw) Katherine was so kind...since Jody had to use our vehicle during the day for work, she came by our hotel each morning to pick Noah and me up so we could hang out with her and the kids.  I always have such a fun time hang'in out with my sis while in the Big D. 

I realized while we were there how much I really needed this trip.  How much I needed to get out of town.  And my dear husband must have known this--hence the invitation to join him.  I've been in a fog I guess you could say these past few weeks since getting the news about our failed adoption.  While I am trying my best to move forward, it is still something that I'm grappling with emotionally. 

This trip really lifted my spirits and helped me get my mind off everything for a while.  And this my hubby knows for sure, I always enjoy getting away for some R&R in the Big D (a city that I called home for almost 10 years--while in college and for the first few years following college, when I worked as an elementary school teacher).  While the hubby was working, I was in good hands....Katherine is the expert of sorts when it comes to Big D....let me tell ya--this girl knows all there is to know about Big D---the great places to go if you want to shop, dine out, venues for kids, etc. While there, she introduced me to this store .  Oh man, I am in love, with not only their hip clothing line, but equally so with their affordable prices. I found some great fall blouses and one cute black sweater that I couldn't live without.  And, I bought Noah the cutest fleece jacket for the fall.  Yes, my (as evil as it can be on the pocketbook) it sure does a girl's heart some good when you're feeling a little down in the dumps. 

One of our fun moments that I wanted to share with you today, while there we were able to attend the oh-so-fun birthday celebration for our niece, Lola. She turned 3 and we were so happy that we could be there to share this special time with her at Pump It Up.  Noah loves this birthday venue, so he was super excited to get  play with his cousins and their friends at such a cool place.

Lola's cake was rock-star!  My sis (in-law) is friends with the owner of Society Bakery and so she is always able to snag the most amazing birthday/shower cakes for any event. ;-) The cake was  strawberry with this amazing cream cheese icing inside...YUM-EE...

If you've been to Pump It Up, then you are familiar with this process...before the playing begins, all the children (and their parents) have to sit and watch this rather boring video on the do's and don'ts of playing there.  Noah always finds this part especially boring.

Lola's Birthday

There's the precious birthday girl sporting her colorful green shirt sitting next to her big sister...
Lola's Birthday

My brother, Brian, Katherine and the hubby before the festivities begin.   Katherine is a talented photographer--she's always teaching me something new with my camera every time we get together.  You can see her blogs here and here.

I sure wish I could hang out with this fella (and my other two brothers) on a more regular basis...this is the oldest of my three brothers, Brian--or as I like to formally call him now, Dr. Bishop.  He's one of my kid brothers, but he's all grown up now and a dentist in the Dallas area.

Brian and I have always been the biggest dorks when we hang out together.   In college, he and I were roomie's on and off.  We never really planned to be roommates, but it just always seemed to work out that way and I'm so glad it did.  As you can imagine, we have all kinds of fun (and wild -n-crazy) memories from our college days that we like to reminisce about when we get together.  Let me just say, I provided my brother a lot of "material" back in the day to tease me with now.  Argh!!

  I found my thoughts wondering though while we were at the party and as I watched my brother with his little family special (and surreal) it is as the big sister to now watch my younger brother (who was such a constant and stable figure in my life for so long in my early years) all these years later living his busy life as a husband, father and working professional (dentist).  It warms my heart to see both him and my other brothers, Brent and Jeff, so happy and living life to the fullest with their families.

Baby Otto, Brian and Katherine's precious son

Lola's Birthday
After waiting as patiently as they could, the video was finally over and the kiddos were off to the jump/party room...

I was in heaven getting to hold and cuddle Baby Otto while at the party.

Lola's Birthday
Our nephew Marcus, my brother Jeff's son....this kid is so funny and he was having a ball trying to keep up with the bigger kids.

Lola's Birthday
A group picture...about as still as we could get these kids to sit the entire party...notice Noah jetting in the back before we could snap the picture.
After all the jumping and sliding was done, it was birthday cake time....

All the kids were so precious...I just love this age.

Lola's Birthday

Our niece, Ava...she and Noah are buddies.  They are 3 weeks apart in age and have such a blast when they get together.

Lola's Birthday
Marcus posing for his Aunt handsome. That's my brother, Jeff, in the background.

At this point in the party, Noah had his fill with all this picture taking.  He wanted to be left alone to enjoy his cake...

Honestly though, can you blame the kid??   Who wants to be disturbed when they are enjoying a slice of oh-so-tasty birthday cake...I sure don't. ;-)

And so, I turned off the 'ole camera after being snubbed by little man and headed over to devour my own piece of birthday cake.  And oh my goodness, it was soooooo stink'in good...I didn't concern myself one little bit about the calories at that moment.
 I am grateful it all worked out with Jody's work schedule that we could be there with our family to celebrate Lola's special day.



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your pictures are gorgeous... and so is your family!

  2. wow! LOVE the cake. hooray for birthdays AND parties!


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