Friday, November 11, 2011

"Mom...I'm not an Octopus!"

As a mom, you become all too familiar with some great excuses you hear from your children as to why they can't pick up their toys and clean their rooms.

This week, my son spouted out a new excuse that literally cracked me dear son is notorious for spreading his toys all over the den floor. I mean it drives me batty sometimes how much of a mess this kid can make in a matter of minutes. If he brings out one toy, he's got to go back to the room and bring out every toy and stack them in piles on the floor in our den.  And most of the time, he doesn't even play with all of them---I think it just makes him feel better to have as many as he can out on the floor at once.

So the other day, I walk in and he's created quite a spread of toys all over the den floor. I, in a rather frustrated tone said to him, "Noah, get all these toys picked up now...I want them all back in your room this second."

And his witty response, in his usual animated way of expressing it with his hands on his hips and furrowed brow, "Mom...I'm not an Octopus!!"

I just busted out gotta admit, the kid had a point. He really doesn't have that many hands to pick up all those toys at once.

Oh how I love my son. Moments like these are priceless...I want to cherish them forever.



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