Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Decorating time (with a little help from Pinterest)...

I don't know about you, but we are in full-on decorating mode for the holidays around here. This is a tradition we decided upon last year....have the house decorated for Christmas by Thanksgiving.  Humm...go figure.  ;-)  I know, for some of you, it may sound weird.  But for our little family, it works.  There's just something about trying to decorate in early December and putting in all that hard work for it to only be on display for just a few short weeks.  We fell in love with this new tradition of ours last year and plan on sticking it to it each year.

This weekend, we pulled out the Christmas decorations from the garage, spread them all out in the den and began taking inventory of what we have and making a list of what we need.  Noah was so excited, he could barely stand it.  When I told him it was time to head to the garage to get the boxes, he asked in an excited tone, "Mommy...are we putting up Christmas today?!"  So precious.  His favorite activity this weekend was helping me check all the strings of lights and seeing which ones still work and those that are no longer in working order.  I didn't take any pictures this weekend, but here are some from last year as we began putting up our Christmas decorations around the house with Noah.

I must admit one thing though...I find myself in a rut with the decorating this year.  I'm just not feeling as inspired as I usually do when it comes to decorating our house for the holidays.    Usually the ideas are free flowing and my brain naturally begins to swirl with ideas--but not this year.  Boo-hoo!!  And when I pulled out all the decorations I just thought to myself, it's the same 'ole thing I've done the last few years. I'm ready for some change this holiday season.

And so, for the past two days, I have been pinning my little heart away with Christmas decorating ideas.  Don't you just love Pinterest??!!  It's my new best friend.  The hubby has embraced the idea and accepted it.  ;-)  Oh my goodness, I'm addicted.  And so for fun today, I thought I'd share a few of my inspirational Christmas decor finds in case you are suffering from the same sort of mental block as I am this year as you plan your own holiday decorating.

First, I've had some ideas about an advent calendar percolating in my head the past few days.  I think Noah would really get a kick out of this fun activity. I had planned on making one this last year, but never got around to it.  And so, I am going to make it happen this year.  Here are a few ideas I'm considering...

And then, if you have stairs or varying levels in your home, here are some cute ideas I came across for accenting those areas....

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

One area I like to spend a good deal of time decorating is my mantle.  I love the mantle in our front sitting area, so my plan is to try something new this year.

Table and kitchen decor---another area of my Christmas decorating that I'm revamping this year.  Here are a few that have some design elements I could incorporate...

And last, but not least, the outdoor decorations--my hubby usually helps me out with these, but I'm needing some inspiration for the front doorway.

Source: via Nike on Pinterest

Source: via Nike on Pinterest

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

I have other pins on my "Everything Christmas" board that can be found here.  I'm sure over the course of these next few weeks, I will continue to find all sorts of neat decorating ideas to add to my board.  Pinterest...let me just say again, you really do rock.  The ideas and inspiration are just endless.

Happy Pinning everyone this holiday season!!  Oh and if you have a pinterest board of your own you'd like to share with us, please link it up in the comments section below--we'd all love to follow you! 


P.S.  Just a little blogging the next week or so will be sparse.  We are going to be visiting with our families for the Thanksgiving holidays and I plan on taking this time to focus on my family and not worry so much about about keeping up with my blog. :-)


  1. Darn that Pinterest! I spend way too much time on it. Plus it makes me want to re-do absolutely everything in my house! But the eye candy is oh so lovely!

  2. It's so much fun Pinterest! Yeah, but it drives me crazy, I always feel I need to do something over and different, even though I did a nice right Lulu, lol!


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