Saturday, November 26, 2011

An early Thanksgiving gathering- Part Two.

It'a hard to believe another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  While I'm a little sad to say good-bye to November, I am super excited to say hello to December and dive right in to the Christmas season.  Aren't you???  Such a fun time of the year!

By now, most of our family has now hit the road and have headed back to their respective homes.  We are headed back home ourselves on Tuesday.  It's always bittersweet after the holidays when you have to say good-bye to family and friends.  I find myself getting all teary-eyed.  All the more reason though why I love capturing as many of our memories with my camera as I can when we all gather together.  I think some of my family members must get so tired of me snapping pictures everywhere when we get together, but I hope they know and understand why it means so much to me.  My intent is to capture as many of these special times as I can so we have these precious pictures to look back on in the coming years as our children grow into adulthood.   I will forever be grateful to my dear mother and grandmother who were always relentless about taking photos during my childhood and that of my brothers.  We have so many pictures and videos from our collective childhoods---it is always so heartwarming for me and my siblings to pull out those old family pictures and videos and look at them.  We laugh, we give each other a hard time and almost always, shed a few tears.  I hope our own children will cherish these pictures as well someday.

I  have gobs of pictures from the past week from our trip to transfer to my computer and edit.  I look forward to getting back home, settling back into life as we know it and then I can get to work on all of the picture editing.  I thought I'd start by sharing more from our early Thanksgiving gathering with my husband's family with you.

As I mentioned in my last post, the weekend before Thanksgiving, we gathered together with Jody's family for our early Thanksgiving celebration. My sister-in-law's and I had planned earlier in the week that we would try and take some family pictures on Saturday before the Thanksgiving meal (and hopefully before the kiddos got all messy playing around the lake), so the first order of business on Saturday was getting everyone dressed and fixed up for our family pictures.   Jody and I were a little worried that Noah and his younger cousins might have trouble sitting still long enough to get the pictures taken, but surprisingly, it went really well. And despite the bustling winds and cloudy weather, all in all--I think the pictures turned out pretty good. My dear mom came over and helped us out by taking some of the pictures, but I haven't had a chance to load the pictures she took with her camera onto my computer yet. When I do so, I may have a few more to share. I am really grateful to my mom for coming out to my in-law's and taking these pictures for all of us.  I know we will all cherish them for years to come.

And so here are the photo memories from Day 2 of our family gathering....

Pop cutting the meat before our Thanksgiving meal...

My favorite....pecan pie.  :-)

Teresa and her daughter, Kasey

The cousins enjoying some fishing together...

Tucker showing Noah how to prep his fishing pole.

Sweet Oreo getting all kinds of lov'in...

My niece, Kasey, she surprised her Dad with tickets to the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game....

He was really surprised....and one happy Cowboys fan!

They went to the game together and had a great time.

Noah enjoying putting big sticks in the fire and pulling them out to watch them burn...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering with our extended family.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in a few weeks for the Christmas holidays!


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