Thursday, November 10, 2011

The best remedy (in my book) for being sad...

Yesterday was just really crummy. It was one of those days where by lunch time, it's already so bad, you seriously consider crawling back into bed and just starting over the next morning. Do you ever have those days?

We woke up to this news yesterday morning. It is just so heartbreaking.  Our church community here is devastated.  These young men were serving 2-year volunteer missions for our church here in the McAllen, Texas mission. They were such good young men and had so much life ahead of them. The mission president shared yesterday that Elder Strong, one of the two killed, was at the end of his mission. He had been scheduled to go home two weeks ago at the last transfer; however he requested an extension. His twin brother was also serving a mission, in Arizona, and I guess they wanted to return home around the same time which would have been just before the Christmas holidays. And so his request for an extension was granted and then this happens. His twin brother was sent home early yesterday after receiving word that his brother was killed.

Oh my goodness, it's just so sad. As a mother, my heart just breaks for their dear mothers and other family members. The third missionary that was injured was treated at one of our local hospitals and released yesterday. I haven't heard if he will finish out his mission here or be transferred somewhere else.  I'm sure this will be something that will take a long time to heal from emotionally.

It's during times like this that I am reminded of how precious life is.  I am so grateful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. To know that we will see our loved ones again someday brings such peace when you suffer the loss of a loved one.  These righteous young men died doing the Lord's work and I know they will be blessed richly for their sacrifice.

In addition to this sad news, there are some other stressful things weighing heavy on my mind and so by late afternoon, I had to do something to snap out of my funk.  I told Noah, let's go to the garage and pull out the Christmas decorations. He was so excited and helped me drag in a few boxes through the kitchen.

I pulled out my smaller decorative Christmas trees from their boxes (the ones that I usually put in our entryway) and Noah said, "Are we putting Christmas up, Mommy?" I laughed and said, "Yes, sweetie...are you excited?" and he responded (actually yelled out) "YES!!!"

As we set up the trees and a few other Christmas decorations, we were singing along to this album as it played in the background...

And then, since dancing is something I enjoy doing with my little guy, we turned on some groov'in tunes afterwards and the two of us danced around the den together. Jody gets a kick out of watching Noah and I dance together, it always makes him smile--and since he's been working long days in a trial this week, I thought I'd record the two of us and email it to him to cheer him up.

He cracked up and against my better judgment, here's our dance video...

My personal remedy for overcoming being in a funk. :-)


(if it isn't loading for ya, just click here)

I know...I'm a big 'ole dork and just embarrassed the family--oh well!  



  1. That totally made my day! I do the same thing, but I would never video it. You are my hero!!!
    Wendy Tefteller

  2. I love the video but hate the sad news. The worst part is knowing this could have been avoided if he had just gone home when his mission ended. Goodness, this is just heartbreaking. Dancing gets me out of a funk too which is why I'm so excited that you are going to take the class with me! I can't wait!
    Luv u!

  3. *BIG GRIN* (not for the super sadness, but for the awesome dancing!)

    Hope you are feeling better. I love your remedy!

    Thank you, as always, for your example of overcoming with faith. You are awesome!


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