Saturday, October 1, 2011

Slowing down and focusing.

This is exactly what my family is doing this weekend.

Slowing down a little...and taking time to be together.

Life has just been feeling really hectic here lately and all the more reason why I have been looking forward to this weekend.  I am excited to actually have a full weekend Saturday -AND- Sunday where I don't have to share my husband with his work or church responsibilities.  We don't have any birthday parties to attend or trips to take.  It's just a simple weekend where we have a chance to slow down and spend some quality time together at home.

And while doing so...we are watching and pondering every word and message from this wonderful church conference.  I always look forward to it.  It is a special event for everyone of our faith and only happens twice a year (every six months) October and April.  You can read more about its purpose here.

 I always look forward to hearing the inspiring messages that are given by our church leaders.  It is without question a faith promoting 2-day event where we are fed spiritually.   I almost always receive some sort of guidance, inspiration and direction to life's challenges in a very personal way.  Both my husband and I went into this weekend's conference with some very specific questions and concerns about a few decisions we are trying to make right now.  This is something that we do quite often when trying to make decisions for our family...we ponder them, weigh them out carefully together and seek inspiration and answers from Heavenly Father through sincere prayer.

As I listened to the church talks given this morning and this afternoon, there were some specific messages that seemed to speak to my heart in a very tender way.  I jotted them down in my journal and thought I'd share a few of those:

1. True and lasting happiness is found only by and through our following of Jesus Christ.

2.  When we serve others, we show our love for God, but more often than not, we also discover solutions to our own problems.

3.  Do the right thing, at the right time, without delay.

4.  Feast upon the words of Christ (the scriptures) every. single. day!

5.  We will make mistakes in this life, but we'll never make the BIG mistakes without first receiving promptings from the Holy Ghost to stop.

6.  The Lord expects our devotion, labors and testimonies in His work.

7.  Great power comes from memorizing scriptures.

8.  Scriptures are pure truth...they are "packets of light" essentially provided by a loving Heavenly Father to illuminate our minds.  

9.  To receive revelation or answers from above, we must have a sincere desire....not harden our hearts....and, ask in faith.

10.  The Lord uses a different scale than "the world" to weigh the worth of a soul.

11.  No matter where you live, how meager your circumstances may are not invisible to the Lord.

12.  God loves us with a perfect love--He sees us as His child.  He wants you to know that you matter to Him.  He wants you to reach your full potential.


I am so looking forward to Day 2 of this conference and spending more heartfelt and relaxing time with my boys.

If you are interested, you can watch this conference, too, via live internet streaming...just click here.  Or even better, if you get the BYU-TV channel via your satellite/cable t.v. -- you can watch it there.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!



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