Thursday, October 6, 2011

School Days...Crazy Hair Day

I guess I'm a little partial, but I just gotta say...those are some killer blue eyes that will most likely melt some girl's hearts some day!! ;-)

Last week was crazy hair day at school.  Noah had been looking forward to it since school started. Here are a few play-by-play action shots of us getting him ready that morning....

The morning of, I spiked his hair as high as it would go--I should have waited to have it cut until after crazy hair day--but oh well.  After we put on the gel and sprayed it firm, we headed outside to spray it down with the funky colors.

His teacher emailed us this class photo later that was taken after recess, so most of their crazy hairdos had been sweat out on the playground.  :-) I love all their cute, joyful smiles in this picture.  Our little man has a great group of friends in his class this year.  We are so happy about that.

On Tuesday, we had a parent teacher conference with Noah's teacher (at our request).  We just wanted to check in on our son's progress to date and see how things are going for him in the classroom.  I was thinking to myself as we sat with her during the conference, how strange it feels to be on this side of the table.  For so many years,  I was the teacher delivering the information to the parents.  Always trying my best to put the parent's mind at ease if there were concerns about their child or they just needed that extra reassurance that their child was excelling in my classroom.  It feels really odd to now be on the other side of the table--as the parent who is now worrying about my child.  Worrying if he is enjoying his school experience.  I know...I know...some of you reading this are probably thinking to yourself---Geeze lady, the kid is just 5 years old--quit your worrying!  I get it---but I think because I was an elementary teacher for so many years, I know all too well how crucial these early years of school truly are for a child.  They lay the foundation for their learning for a lifetime but more importantly, it has a tremendous impact on their self esteem.  I myself did not have the best experience in school during my early years.  I was extremely shy and too afraid to ask for help when I didn't understand a concept in school. I didn't feel a real connection with my early elementary teachers (other than my 1st grade teacher--Mrs. Irwin--she rocked!!) and as a result, I got behind in subjects such as math and science from a very young age.  I didn't make terrible grades in my K-12 years; however, I was just your  average student who didn't reach her full potential academically until I reached college.  It was in college that I excelled and gained a love for learning.   I don't want my son to have this same experience in his elementary years, if we can avoid it.  I hope that for our son, school can always be an exciting and safe place to learn and grow. 

Our meeting with Noah's teacher went really well--we just love her.  She is very intuitive when it comes to her student's and their physical, social and academic needs.  She reported to us that Noah is doing well this year--he doesn't seem as shy and timid in the classroom as last year and is behaving well--as well as can be expected that is for a 5 year old boy.  :-)  She did share with us that we might want to have his vision tested---she has noticed here lately when they are coloring or writing their letters, he has to get really close to the paper to complete his work.  I hadn't even noticed this before.  We'll definitely be getting his vision checked in the near future.

This morning, his Daddy drove him to school and Noah was a big boy...he got out of the car and walked in all by himself for the first time without one of us walking him to his classroom door.  He was so proud of himself.  I was a little surprised when Jody called me after dropping him off and told me.  I said, "Honey---Did you talk with him about it before you let him out of the car." "I mean shouldn't we have prepped him for that event?" Jody said laughing (typical Dad response), "Well, no..."  I thought to myself---Argh!!!  He went on to say, "The school director was standing in the drop off line and opened the car door and told Noah....'you know where to go'--and he just climbed right out of the car and headed into the school on his merry way".   Jody was still in the school parking lot when we were having this conversation and sensing my worry, he asked me, "Do you want me to go in and make sure he made it?"  My response, "Yep."  And so he parked the car and went in to check just to make me feel better.  I love my hubby so much--he could sense my anxiety about the situation and knew this would make me feel better about it.  Of course, he found Noah safe in his classroom, lined up with his classmates about to head down the hallway to chapel.   He called me back and said, "Little Man is smiling and happy--safe in his classroom." 

I felt so much better knowing that.
"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child."  
~Sophia Loren, Women and Beauty

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  1. soo cute! i had to giggle when you sent jody back in to check. i totally would have done that too. i always make gene get up in the middle of the night to see if someone is breaking into our house. haha. you guys are soo cute. he's getting soo big! and you are right, those blue eyes are something!!!

    have a good weekend my friend.


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