Friday, September 30, 2011

School Days: Glimpses of our August and September


As the month of September comes to a close (man this month flew by!), it's hard to believe Noah has been in school for 6 weeks now. I am thrilled to report that he is thoroughly enjoying his teachers and new friends (classmates)...Jody and I couldn't be happier about this.  We have already seen tremendous growth in our son and it's refreshing to see him super excited about his learning.  He is especially excited about learning how to read.

We absolutely adore Noah's teacher.  She is truly a special lady and someone who (I believe) without question, was born to teach.  She has a gift when it comes to working with kids.  Noah is very fortunate to have her this year (as are we).



Each Thursday, Noah brings home a bag that contains two folder holds all his school work that he did during the week and the other folder is his behavior folder.  At pick-up time, once he climbs into the car, his work folder is the first thing he pulls out to show me.  I usually pull the car over--put it in park and he climbs into the front seat next to me (real close) and we talk about what he has to show me.  He is so proud to tell me about everything he has been working on.  Ever so ready to show it off to mommy.  This part of our day always warms my heart.

Once we finish this. we'll usually then look at his behavior folder and discuss it. He enjoys counting out loud for me how many stickers he received for the week.  If he follows all the classroom rules during the day, he gets one sticker for that day.  And if he gets at least 3, he wins a trip to the treasure box.

So far, there has only been one week that he did not get to visit the treasure box.  :-)  He was disappointed, but I have no doubt it was a good thing for him to experience.


In the mornings, when I drop little man off at his class, the children get to have free time and play with blocks, toys or color at their desk until all the children have arrived.  Noah enjoys this and it's a great way to get the kiddo's minds off the fact that their mommy and daddy are leaving them for the day at school.  So far, we haven't had any tears at drop-off.  He usually just bolts right into the classroom saying over his shoulder, "Bye Mom...see ya later!"

Noah's classmates and teachers enjoyed celebrating his birthday the last week of August with him.  Jody and I brought cupcakes and treats for the kiddos and we all sang Happy Birthday to him.









My parents, KiKi and Poppy, came in town to celebrate with the birthday boy.  Noah was so happy they were able to come to his school party and see his classroom.  He turned every shade of red when they walked into his classroom.  It was so cute.


Enjoying some singing and dancing after eating birthday cupcakes.


Here is the entire gang together the first week of school for their first "official" class picture for the 2011-2012 school year.  What cuties...

I think someone was a little pooped out after recess/playground time.

The kids had fun celebrating another classmate's birthday .

He loves his P.E. class....that and music are his two favorites.

He told me the other day that the playground is "so cool".


In early September they celebrated their Bear unit with a party....each child brought in their special bear to spend the day with them in their classroom.



And just all other sorts of fun stuff has happened these past 6 weeks of school...


I look forward to sharing more of Noah's "School Days" memories over the course of this school year.  It looks like I'll be spending more time at his school than I expected.  They needed help with a few parent committees around the school, so I volunteered to serve on the yearbook committee, and as of last week, I am now serving as the co-chairperson for the school's annual fundraiser.  Selfishly, I look forward to helping out more at the school because that means I get to spend more time up there and see how my little man is doing during the school day.

School Days memories...look for more to come. 



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