Monday, September 26, 2011

Lunch date.

One of the benefits of little man being in school now is that the hubby and I can go on lunch dates during the week more frequently.

Today was one of those days...we headed over to our favorite sushi restaurant.  We haven't been since the hubby got so sick last April.  Long story short on that whole ordeal, he ended up in the hospital terribly ill for a few days and the doctors think he caught some sort of parasite.  Something that isn't too uncommon since we live so close to an international border.  But it also could have something to do with the fact that he had been eating a lot of sushi leading up to that. 

So, he has shied away from any raw fish since getting so sick...that is until today.  We decided we'd go back to Kumori's for a trial run for our lunch date.

Oh was so GOOD!!  I had forgotten how much I love their food.

My favorite dish....Ebi Crunch.  YUM-EE!!!

I so enjoyed my time with my handsome hubby today for our date...he doesn't like his picture taken very much, and especially posting it to the I didn't force it today.   I had him take my pic instead. ;-)

Good times...



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