Friday, September 23, 2011

Mozart and Beethoven would be proud.

We have a new addition in our home...she's shiny black and ivory in color and makes the prettiest music.  The hubby and I have been talking for a while about buying a piano and enrolling Noah in piano lessons.  He loves music and it has always had a calming, soothing effect on him.  His grandmother, KiKi, gave him a little electric keyboard when he was 2 and he has always loved playing it.  And then his other grandmother, Janet, she is a wonderful pianist and so when Noah goes to visit her at her house, he loves to play on her baby grand piano and then with this little "kiddie" piano she has for the grandkids.  Jody and I have always talked about when Noah became old enough, we wanted to enroll him in piano lessons.  There is so much literature out there as many of you know on brain development and how listening to music as well as playing the piano can increase a child's capacity to learn at a higher level.  That has always been such an interesting concept to me and I've wondered what benefits it might have for our son.

There is a piano store not too far from our house that not only sells pianos but they also offer lessons for both children and adults.  I recently learned from one of the other mothers at Noah's school that they have a 5 year old class that is a group session.  After little man fractured his foot six weeks ago, we knew that playing t-ball was out of the picture for the fall, so I decided it was time to move forward with getting a piano and starting lessons.

I searched on the internet for a while but it was just going to be either too costly to ship one or a big hassle to move ourselves.  So I decided to check out the local piano store instead.  It took a little persuading on my part, but I got the hubby to go with me to shop for one and see if we could find what I was looking for--a black, upright piano that was well under $2,000. After about an hour or so of looking and gathering as much information as we could from the owner of the piano store about the brands of pianos he had on his floor, we narrowed it down to our favorite one.  We both felt it was the perfect fit for us (and our budget!).  Yippee!!!  It was a beautiful, shiny black upright piano that had been gently used by a family who had only had it for a year and had just recently traded it in for a baby grand.  After making our purchase and ironing out the delivery date with the store, we met with the piano teacher and enrolled little man in his first month of lessons.  His class is once a week for 45 minutes. 

Our new piano was delivered 3 weeks ago and I had the perfect place for her--- in the front sitting area of our home.

Noah had his second piano class this week and well, let's just say, it was more than interesting.  ;-)  A 5 year old piano class is comical on so many levels but at the same time, so stink'in cute.  He seems to really enjoy it and that is the most important thing.  A parent is required to attend the class with their child and sit in a seat right next to the child's piano bench.  Noah doesn't really like that part---he'd rather I just wait outside (he's pretty independent like that) but I keep reminding him that it's a rule. I expect him to continue to battle me on this one...he wants to be a big boy these days and doesn't like it when mommy tags along. 

I whipped out my handy-dandy iPhone at this last lesson and snapped some quick pics....


We'll see how the piano lessons progress over these next few weeks for our little man...but for now, I am just so happy to have this new addition in our home.  I don't know what it is, but there's definitely something about having a piano in the home--it seems to make it feel more warm and inviting. And selfishly, I am really loving playing the piano again, myself. ;-)

I'd like to think Mozart and Beethoven just might be smiling down on us as we begin our musical adventure with little man... and yes, I would bet they think this little piano class full of 5 year olds is just as precious as I do.  ;-)

Have a great weekend, everyone!!



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