Monday, September 19, 2011

The Gator.


On our last camping trip to Wimberley, we headed up to the north Austin area and spent time with Jody's sister and her family.  Noah was so excited to see his cousins...he loves them dearly and talks about them all the time.  I can tell that he really looks up to them--you know how it is, it's always really exciting and cool when you are a kid and you get to hang out with your older cousins.

It was pretty funny, at one point during our visit, the kids were playing down the street from my sister-in-law's house at the park.  I decided to stroll on down there and take a few pictures of Noah playing.  Well, no sooner than I arrived, my son quickly dismissed me.  I think he was embarrassed that his Mom showed up.  He quickly said, "Mom...go away!"  I thought it was too funny, but I didn't want him to feel awkward, so I turned around and walked back to the house.  So sorry folks, I got nothin' for ya with regard to pictures of the kids playing. I was banned from the playground!  :-)

When we visit Amy, Matt and the kids, Noah especially likes playing with all the cool toys and video games they have...his favorite treat by far though is going riding on the John Deere "Gator".  In fact,  while we were there, our nephew Jake, made a proposition to sell his Gator to his Uncle Jody.  He explained how he is wanting to buy something else and so he mentioned in his proposition that he was going to use the money Uncle Jody paid him for the Gator to buy this new thing.  I can't remember what it is actually, but he seemed pretty excited about it.  So after some ***serious*** negotiations (wink...wink) between Jody and his little nephew --they agreed upon a sale price and closed the deal.  We paid him in full (with a few extra dollars thrown in because he is just so stink'in cute) and then loaded the Gator in the back of Jody's truck.

Noah was beyond excited when he saw the guys loading the Gator.  A huge smile spread across his face when he realized it was now his.



Jake and Noah navigating the Gator together...these two are wild men on that thing!

Ashley with Will and Ben




We so enjoyed our visit.  It's always sad when we have to say good-bye to family, especially for Noah.  But on the bright side, we are already making plans for when we will be heading back up that way for another camping trip and to fit in another visit with his Austin cousins.  

Until then...Noah will (I'm sure) enjoy riding his new Gator all around our backyard.

Thanks again, Jake, for such a sweet deal on the Gator--we love it!



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  1. oh how fun!!
    that gator looks like a super fun ride;)


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