Friday, September 9, 2011



Little man has his first fracture. Boooo!!!  This is a little monumental for us around here. I feel so bad for him.  As rambunctious and rough as he is, we're actually surprised (and very grateful) this hasn't happened before now.

He tripped and fell while running in the house the night before school started.  We iced it and gave him lots of hugs and he seemed to be okay after that.  There was never any swelling so we thought everything was okay. But we did notice he kept limping off and on.  We've been asking him repeatedly if his foot hurts anywhere, but he keeps saying it doesn't.  And then (as luck would have it) this past weekend, while we were in Austin, he fell again while he was running and playing with his cousins.  He was limping again pretty bad all day Sunday and Monday, so  we knew it was time to get him in with his doctor.  She couldn't tell by looking at it if it was broken and when we were in her office, he wasn't limping anymore.  She said the second fall is probably what sealed the deal if it was broken or fractured. She ordered an xray on Tuesday and  after we had that done, she reviewed it and then called us later that evening to say he did indeed did have a fracture in one of the metatarsal bones of his left foot. Thank goodness though the image shows that it is healing nicely so she isn't recommending a cast or boot. We are just happy he isn't in pain...but the limping may continue for a while she said.  We have to go back the first week in October and have it re-xrayed to make sure it continues to heal properly.

Poor guy...thank goodness kids are so resilient--his teacher at school said he ran around and played on the playground this week like nothing was wrong. Go figure! :-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  The hubby and I have a date night and he's taking me to see this movie.  I'm so excited.  I read the book over the summer and loved it!!  I have been anxiously awaiting a date night when we could go see it.  My only reservation---I hope it's not too much of a "chick-flick" for Jody.  :-)

We're also looking forward to watching some college football this weekend.  We've already set our DVR recorder for the Texas v. BYU football game.  Even though we're native Texans, I gotta say, we're rooting for BYU.  GO COUGARS!!! 



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