Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Family fun at the River...

We decided Thursday morning to head to the Texas Hill Country (more specifically, Wimberley) to go RV camping for the Labor Day weekend.  It's become our favorite place to visit when we are wanting a quick weekend getaway.  It's not always easy for Jody to leave town on the weekends with him being Bishop at our church, however, this being a holiday weekend, we were able to swing it.  We were also looking forward to visiting some of our extended family on this trip, as well.

Noah was super excited when we told him that morning we were going camping.  He jumped out of bed with excitement.  He loves sleeping in the RV, watching movies from his bunk bed and getting to hang out with just his mommy and distractions.  We rounded all our gear up and threw all our things in the truck and headed out late Thursday afternoon.  It felt so good to hit the road and leave town for a few days.  Noah played games on the iPad most of the way while Jody and I chit-chatted and listened to music.  I brought my aphgan I've been crocheting for like a century now and worked on it for a bit while we were on the road --that is until I started feeling car sick.  I had to put it away.  I don't know what it is with me, I used to never get car sick but in the last few years, I've started having trouble with it if I am reading or crocheting in the car.  So weird---maybe it's my body just getting old. I really have empathy now for people who struggle with motion stinks.  I had no idea how miserable it could make you feel.  I guess I need to start keeping some Dramamine in my purse from now on.  We stopped at a Dairy Queen in this little town along the way called Three Rivers and I snagged me a Dr. Pepper and it helped settle my stomach for the remainder of the drive up.  Jody said no more crocheting or reading in the car for me. Boo!!  :-)

We were pretty pooped out after the 4 1/2 hour drive to our camper in Wimberley.  It was a little after 11pm when we pulled into town, and as soon as we unloaded all our stuff, we all passed out pretty quickly and slept in late Friday morning.  Man, that felt good...we haven't slept in since school started for Noah.  I felt so spoiled.  Jody headed into town and picked us up some breakfast and brought it back to the RV (he is an early morning person...unlike me).  After we had some full tummies, we threw on our swimsuits and headed over to the river.  Wimberley is such a quaint little town and one of the things that makes it so attractive is the beautiful Blanco river which runs right through the downtown area.  Since it was a holiday weekend, it was pretty packed all around the downtown river area, so we headed over to this great spot we found last time we were there. It's about 7 miles outside of town and we especially like it because there aren't large crowds and the water is low enough for Noah to play in without us having to worry about him getting hurt. 

We were a little shocked when we got there and saw how low the Blanco river is right now-we are in the worst drought Texas has seen since something like the 1950's and are having a terrible time with the wildfires.  It was sad to see all the grass, plants and trees burned and turning a dark shade of brown from the heat and lack of rain.  But even with its current condition, it was still so pretty and the Blanco was a cool, comfortable temperature.  Once we climbed into the water, Noah couldn't get enough of it.  As hot as it was, we quickly cooled down sitting in the water.  I had my handy-dandy little point and shoot camera with me and had fun capturing our fun time together.





This entire rock area is normally covered under several feet of water.  It gives you an idea of how low the river is right now while in the midst of our drought here in Texas.




Since the water is so low in this area of the river, the rocks are extra slimy, so we had to keep a tight hold of Noah because it was really easy to slip and fall on the rocks.  I have a big 'ole bruise on the back of my thigh to prove it...I busted it trying to walk through the water to get across the bank to where Jody and Noah were hanging out.  I even had my sturdy river shoes on and still bit it.  Ouch!!




These two had so much fun talking and hanging out together.  They walked all along the river exploring it for over an hour.  It was cute to watch...I especially enjoyed listening to their conversations as I watched from the bank of the river taking pictures.






Little Man became very comfortable in the water by himself by the end of the afternoon...




As I was walking along the river taking pictures while listening to my dear husband and son play together in the water, I felt such peace and happiness.  As I took in the beautiful view that surrounded me--all the gorgeous oak trees blowing in the wind and felt the cool river water running across my feet--I thought to myself--what a beautiful thing this Earth is.  For me, there is something magical about it when I have my camera in hand and I take time to walk around outside, I seem to appreciate nature more in these moments when I see it through the lens of a camera. 

It felt really, really good to be outside on such a bright, sunny and breezy day with my family.  We enjoyed this time together as a family at the river this Labor Day weekend.  Escaping the craziness of "life" by going RV camping for the weekend is just what we needed.    :-)



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