Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Awesome....Must See.

I opened my email yesterday morning and had a few emails to read. One in particular was from my hubby and the subject line read...

"Awesome...Must See."

It piqued my interest and so I opened it first before any other emails. And of course, I would have anyway because I always get so excited when I see an email from my hubby.  He sends me sweet emails to read on many days and often times will forward me a thought-provoking article that he will want to discuss later that evening--I so love this about him.  :-)   So anyway...back to this particular email.  All the email contained was a link to the video below.  It's an ESPN video.  I clicked "play" and watched it from beginning to end and let me just say, Jody was is AWESOME.  Patrick Henry Hughes -AND- his father are truly inspiring men.

If you are feeling a little "poopy" today--or maybe just a little (or alot) overwhelmed and bummed out by some of life's challenges you may be experiencing ...this video is most definitely a must-see for you.  It's inspiring in every way.

I am a firm believer that some of God's strongest children are allowed to face the hardest of trials here on earth because He knows they can (and will) handle them with immense grace and faith.  He knows in all His wisdom that we (the ones who watch them face these trials from the sidelines) have a great deal to learn from these brothers and sisters---the ones who are allowed to suffer greater pain and suffering in this life with the hopes that we all will learn something from their struggles and turn to Heavenly Father and his Son.

Just last week, I began reading this book.  The author, Kris Belcher, is blind.  As a young baby, doctors discovered she had tumors on her eyes.  Years and years of surgeries, chemotherapy and at last in her 30's, complete blindness ultimately followed.  Such a test of strength and faith.  I was especially impressed when I read in her book how when she was in college, she begged and pleaded for a miracle.  Even had the chance to meet the prophet, President Ezra Taft Benson in person and just knew this was her moment to be healed.  But the healing she had hoped for was not to be for her.  It was not the will of her Father in Heaven.  Acceptance and understanding has since then followed for her.  She explains in her book this discovery she has made down the long road of living with a disability such as hers:

"Instead of recieving complete healing, it was my mission to keep my sight impairment.  I learned through the Spirit that as I struggled with my disability, others would see the help given me by the hand of the Lord, and this would help them seek Christ in their own lives.  This was not the answer I had hoped for and watned, but I gathered my courage and received strength to move forward."

In one of Kris' chapters, she expounds quite a bit on this scripture:

"Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the words of God should be made manifest in Him"
(John 9:3)
She goes on to explain how the passage in John 9 when Christ healed the blind man -- studying this passage in greater depth has given her great purpose and understanding in her struggles.  She explains that she has come to understand that some are healed to show the healing power of Christ and yet, others are not healed--they are allowed to struggle in this life so that others can learn from their example and seek Christ in their own lives.

Both of Patrick and Kris' testimonies resonate within my soul. While my trial of living with infertility and being a barren woman pale in comparison to what most people face in this life (like Patrick and Kris)--it has no doubt been an immensely painful trial for me.  Over the years I have watched countless family members, friends and even former students of mine (church and school) get pregnant and complete their families--and yet, after an endless amount of prayer and faith, we still struggle with growing our family.  I'm embarrassed and ashamed to say that I have had some dark moments in this journey of mine.  I have screamed out in anger to the heavens in some of my darkest and lowest moments...I have cursed and even felt hate and envy in my heart.  I have shed many a tears behind closed doors.  A personal trial that no doubt has been fought within the quiet chambers of my soul.  As many of you know who face this same trial, living with infertility is both a personal and often times, a very lonely road to walk for a woman.   As much as our spouses try to support and love us through it--even that at times doesn't fill the void in our hearts.  It is a trial that can strip you of all your confidence, self-worth and faith if you are not careful.  Thankfully that has not been the end result for me--but it has taken a great amount of effort and work on my part to replace the bitterness and anger that naturally follows with a renewed commitment to greater peace, love and faith in the plan my Father in Heaven has carefully crafted for me.

It has taken me nearly 10 years to come to a place of acceptance and peace with my infertility. Along the way, I have had numerous experiences where the Lord has loved on me and spoken to my heart to comfort me in a very personal assure me that He knows me by name and loves me dearly.  Constantly assuring me that despite this trial, I am no less important to Him and yes, I have a special mission here on this earth---to be an adoptive mom.  To love and rear some of his most special little spirits.  I am humbled by this in every way.  So (in my own little, miniscule way) the testimonies of Patrick Henry Hughes, his father and Kris Belcher truly do resonate within my heart and soul.  Our limitations in this life are so often more for our benefit (in this life and the life to come) than our detriment.   Instead of turning my back on what I know to be true in this life...instead of allowing bitterness to overtake my heart and soul, I choose to place my trust and faith in my Father in Heaven and the Savior.  They know what is best for me.  I have learned (and continue to work at) that life is so, so, so much sweeter and happier when we choose to focus on our blessings instead of our heartaches.  It's all a matter of choice.
"I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight.  These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them" 
(Isaiah 42:16)
How comforting it is to know that a loving Savior will always be there for us. He has personally felt and experienced every ounce of pain we experience here in this life.  I guess the real test for us is to have the faith to turn to Him when we are hurting the most and sincerely trust that He can heal our pain. And there is no question in my mind, when you experience or see this personally happen in your life and/or that of a loved is most definitely awesome...a "must see". 



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