Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer evenings...

My favorite time of day in the summer is dusk...the sweltering heat ever so slowly dissipates, the crickets begin to chirp in unison and a sense of peace seems to wash over me.  The days seem to go by ever so slower in the summer months and there is a greater desire at the end of the day to sit back and enjoy the outdoors.  I am reminded of my childhood home this time of the year.  Sitting outside in my parent's front yard listening to the crickets, watching the cows in the pasture lazily eat and swat the flies with their tails. My brothers running and playing around while laughing and giggling.  Good memories.

Even now, despite the immense heat we seem to have this summer, in the evenings I enjoy walking barefoot across the cool blanket of St. Augustine grass in our yard.  Couple that with the fresh, cool, coastal breeze that blows in each night - both always seems to refresh my mind and body.  I am amazed at how much I have grown to appreciate nature as I get older.  I think it is because I can feel a sense of God's hand in our lives when I spend quality time in the outdoors.

The other night, Jody and I were sitting outside talking about our day.  While doing so, I was taking some pictures of the flowers in our backyard and Noah asked if he could turn on the water hose and fill up his little pool.  We told him to go on ahead but that he would need to go put his swimsuit on.  

The next thing we knew, he had jumped right in his pool with all his clothes on.  Argh!!  That little stinker!  Oh well...he was so cute, we just let him continue to play in the water.  I really couldn't blame him though--it was really hot outside and it was a great way to cool off pretty quickly.

Notice how his Daddy always strategically places Noah's little pool in the areas where our grass is taking a beating from the sun.  He knows full well that Noah will soak the ground around him with the water and that is perfect for our grass in this heat.

After a while, he was bored with being in the pool by himself, so he went to grab his little chair to put in there with him.

I never quite figured out what his plan was with that one, but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

While Noah and Jody were hanging out in the backyard, I went about my usual nightly routine of heading to the front porch to water my plants.  I've been so worried that this heat was going to ruin them, but so far, so good--the nightly watering seems to be helping them hang in there. 

By the time I returned to the backyard, Little Man was out of his pool and up in his playhouse.  He asked me to take his picture.

After a while, he became bored playing with mom in the playhouse and headed back down to his pool to cool off again before we called it a night.  I am always in awe of our dear son...his enthusiasm for life warms my heart.

As nostalgic as I am about summer--I won't lie, I am just about ready for it to end.  It's been a devil of a summer for us with the 100 + degree temperatures daily and trying to find fun things to do with a rambunctious 4 year old boy without burning up.  Then compound that with the fact that we have not had much rain in these parts for months--we are more than ready for some cooler fall temperatures to make their way to us.  And well--some rain would be nice, too. :-)

 Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. oh, jennifer! this post is precious.
    beautiful photos-LOVE the ones of you and noah.
    and my little guy likes to just jump on in, fully dressed, too:)
    happy weekend!

  2. What amazing photos..those ones in the pool..just priceless..nothing better than taking a good swim with your clothes on to make you feel a little wild :)


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