Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saying good-bye to summer...

It feels official...we're wrapping up our swimming lessons this week and starting school next week.  Summer is coming to an end.

We have Noah's "get acquainted" school party this afternoon at his preschool and then Parent's Night this evening with his teachers.  It's going to be a full day today. Noah is looking forward to meeting his new friends and getting to say hi to his teachers.  Jody and I are looking forward to meeting the other parents and learning more about what all is in store for our little guy in his Pre-K class.

He asked me real casual-like in the car today as we were driving around, "So Mommy--what are you going to do all day when I'm at school?"

"Hummm"...I replied-- and then I just smiled and left it at that.

While I will most definitely not miss the summer heat...I am going to sorely miss the all too precious days I have been able to spend hanging out with Noah. He starts his PreK-4 class again next week, full-time.  It's always such a double-edge sword for me...being away from my little guy.  I, at times, find myself yearning during the day as a stay at home mom for some quiet time to myself, yet when I actually get that time without my little guy--it feels wrong.  So wrong.  I feel guilty.  I feel as if a huge part of me--the best part of me--is missing...him.  Does that make any sense?  Wherever my little guy is when he's away from me...that is where you'll find my heart.  Ah, yes...the bitter-sweet emotions a mother feels in her heart as she sends her baby chicks off to school.  Good-bye summer...and sadly, adieu to my baby boy who is growing up all too quickly right before my eyes.




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