Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Five: The celebration (Part One)


We celebrated Noah's birthday with a fun party over the weekend with friends and family.  He was so excited about his much, he began his own little countdown about a month ago.  Every morning when I would go into his room to wake him, the first thing out of his mouth was, "Mommy!!...let's count together--how many days until my birthday party?"  And so we would begin the countdown precious.

I'm sure it felt like a century to him (don't you remember that feeling when you were a kid??...I sure do), but his special day FINALLY arrived on Saturday and he was completely stoked!  And well, so were we...well kind of, I guess.  It was a little bittersweet for both Jody and me...on one hand,  it's exciting to celebrate his special day and see him so happy to turn 5, but also a little sad for us--he's growing up way too fast!  Boo-hoo!!


He decided over the summer that he wanted to celebrate his birthday at one of his favorite places...Pump It Up.  Knowing how busy this place is, I called in early June to reserve his party and thankfully, they had a time slot available....10AM - noon.  Perfect-o!

We were super excited that my parents (KiKi and Poppy) could be here to help Noah celebrate his special day.  And selfishly, I was a little stressed out trying to put this whole shin-dig together, so just having them here to help really helped calm my nerves.  :-)  They don't get to make it down our way very often (we live 10 hours away), so this was an extra special treat to have them here for the weekend.  We love them dearly.



Noah had the hiccups when we walked into the party place, so KiKi was playing a game with him trying to "catch" his hiccups. 

Can you tell she used to be a school teacher?  She is amazing with children.


Poppy lovingly helping Noah get all his birthday balloons situated just right.  Noah LOVES balloons.



Not too long after we arrived and the crew at Pump It Up got everything set up for us, the festivities began...the first order of business was formally presenting the birthday boy to all his friends.  The staff at Pump It Up handles all of this, which is really nice for mom.  I just stood back and let them do their thing as far as the party management.

He wasn't too sure about this part -- I could tell by the look on his face. He doesn't particularly like wearing things on his head.   I think he was a little embarrassed by all the attention, but the birthday introduction was over in a flash and then they let the kids go bounce and jump away.


Noah's 5th Birthday-part 24




Noah's 5th Birthday-part 22


Before we headed into the party room where we were to eat the birthday cake, the Pump It Up folks played a rock'in birthday song and brought Noah to the front and center to dance with them with the birthday hat on...


He had the oddest look on his face here...he wasn't too sure about having to stand up in front of everyone again.  I started to get a little nervous at this point during the birthday dance...I really wasn't sure what he was going to do.  But my gut feeling was telling me to get ready because he looked like he might run over to me crying.


And then he gave me this if saying, "Mom...make it stop!"  So I was really uncomfortable at this point and about to walk up to kneel next to him...


And all of a sudden his cousin, Jackson, came to the rescue...woo-hoo!!  Thank you Jackson!! Whew...


It was finally time for birthday candles and cake...yippee!  Noah went to the cake store with me earlier in the week and he picked out this design himself.  I thought it turned out really cute.


Noah's friends from church and school were there to enjoy his special day with him...I was so happy that we had such a great turnout for our little man.



The triplets were one of the hits of the party....aren't they precious!!  They were patiently awaiting some yummy birthday cake.


We sang Happy Birthday to our very special birthday boy and then enjoyed the tasty cake.







 Friends and family showered him with many hugs and thoughtful gifts---I'll share some precious pictures in a later post (Part Two) of him opening his presents with his grandparents. He was so excited to share that moment with them!

Final thoughts...We had a wonderful time with our family and friends at little man's 5th birthday.  A special birthday celebration filled with wonderful memories that we will always cherish.





  1. where did the time go??? i'm so happy you had your parents there to help celebrate this wonderful day with Noah.

  2. Love the pictures! It looks like Noah had so much fun and was surrounded by so much love!!

  3. What a beautiful family you have..Noah is so cute and photogenic!


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