Monday, August 1, 2011

Evil burger joint.


When we lived in Virginia, we discovered our first 5 Guys burger joint and were immediately hooked.  Not only did we fall in love with their great burgers but also their relaxed environment and no hassle menu.  Noah especially liked it because we would let him get his own Root Beer to drink and he enjoyed going back to the fountain machine for his free refills. 

But when we moved back to South Texas, there wasn't a 5 Guys anywhere in the area.  I really didn't complain though because this {evil} burger joint just wasn't good for my waistline when we lived in Virginia.  I mean seriously, I seem to throw all caution to the wind when I walk into this {evil} burger joint...the smell of hamburgers and french fries is intoxicating to the senses.  I could never seem to be satisfied with my normal routine of just eating a small portion of my hamburger.  I inevitably would end up eating the whole darn thing because it is so stink'in good!  And then couple that with a big, juicy Dr. Pepper and their salty fries....well, just forget it.

About two months ago the hubby and I were driving down the freeway and noticed a new restaurant going in...and then when we saw the sign for 5 Guys we did a high-five!! Yippee--skippee!! It opened it's doors in June and we finally had a chance the other night to try it out.  When we walked up to the counter to order, I had originally told Jody that Noah and I could just split a burger, but as soon as I opened my mouth to order Noah's burger, I quickly followed with my own order, a bacon cheeseburger and a Dr. Pepper.  Jody just looked at me and laughed.  So much for the chanting and mental repetition to try and commit myself to watching my calories that day.  It just no work-ee for me when I'm at a 5 Guys!  It's evil I tell ya...plain and simple.



The staff is always so friendly...they asked if Noah wanted to come back and help them make our burgers.  He politely declined and stayed close to his Daddy and just watched.
Noah being his usual social self, chatting it away (actually flirting) with the young lady who took our order.  This kid cracks me up...he never meets a stranger wherever we go.


Getting his Root Beer...

Awww...that oh-so-awesome juicy bacon cheeseburger that makes my mouth melt.



I look real concerned about the bazillion calories I am about to inhale, don't I?

Darn you {evil} burger joint!!!



  1. I just saw your comment on my blog and I thought I'd hop over to meet you before I head to bed! I'm SOOOOO glad I did! Your blog makes me happy just looking at it! PINK! EVERYWHERE! It's a dream come true. Your blog is beyond beautiful. :0)
    This burger joint looks tasty, and evil, yes! The fries look delish. We have a little 50's style burger joint in town (I live in a very small, small town) and the prices are CRAZY high but the food is SO.STINKIN.GOOD!
    Have a lovely night!!

  2. I'm from VA and 5 guys is a staple food esp on a college budget! They make the best burgers around for a fast food place, hands down!

  3. Ah, 5 guys, Jody took us there for a work party, so fun, miss you guys, hope you're doing well

  4. we LOVE to hate five guys;) so good and so wrong.



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