Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Desperate times...

What is that old saying??...."Desperate times call for desperate measures..." That seems to be the case for all the critters that are inhabiting our backyard and trying to survive this killer summer heat.  They have all been acting a little strange lately.  I really feel sorry for them.  It's miserable hot and has been for some time now.

We looked out our kitchen window the other day and found this little fella all sprawled out in the shade, soaking in the cool chill of our concrete walkway. We were a little surprised that our presence at the window didn't scare him away.  On the contrary, he just stared us down and didn't budge.  This was really odd behavior for a squirrel in our yard--they are always highly sensitive and skittish to movement and noise. You can't get within 10 feet of them and they high-tail it out of your path at lightening speed.

But oh no...not this little fella.  He was bound and determined to stay put in this shady spot he had obviously claimed as his own.

He didn't budge an inch when I stepped out through the sliding glass door to take his picture. I was maybe 3 feet from him when I took these and it didn't deter him one bit.  I was cracking up as I snapped these photos because it felt as if we were having some sort of "Mexican stand-off" the way he was eying me.  It was like he was saying to me through his piercing stare, "Lady, don't make me hurt you...oh- I will, don't you think I won't, especially if you try and make me move out of this cool, shady spot!!"

Seriously though---can you really blame him?  



  1. Well he looks quite comfy, but yes squirrels around here have gotten awfully bold too..they don't budge when you are near them!

  2. Lol, that is hilarious! Makes me grateful for the weather in my area :) Although it'd be interesting to see what the wayward deer that sometimes wander by would do in that situation!


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