Wednesday, July 27, 2011

happy meals, one republic and two munchkins...


The other day I was driving around town running errands...

It was freakishly hot this day...I mean seriously miserable, humid, hot which usually means this for "yours truly":

heat  +  humidity= really bad hair day in Texas!!

And, I had these two little munchkins in tow.

Munchkin #1 on Left:  Beck (my sweet nephew)
Munchkin #2 on Right:  Noah (my darling son)

We were all tired after Mommy (a/k/a Aunt GiGi) had finished running her errands.  So I asked the boys if they wanted a happy meal for the drive home.  It was only 3:00 in the afternoon (really just a snack was in order, but these munchkins had been dolls while we ran our errands, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and said to myself, "What the hay!"...let's get these hot and tired little munchkins some happy meals). We had a 20 minute drive home, and my thought process was this might pacify them and to be honest-- it was moreso a tactic to help calm my nerves for the drive home.  They were getting a little wound up in the backseat together and it was getting rather noisy back there.

When I asked if they wanted happy meals, there was an immediate and resounding cheer that came from the backseat...."YAAAAAAY!!! HAPPY MEALS....YES!  YES!  YES!"

And so we proceeded to the drive-thru at McDonald's to purchase our 2 happy meals with 2 apple juices.  I also was salivating for one of their frozen Strawberry Lemonades, but their stupid machine was broken...real bummer!  So I settled with some H2O instead.

With our Happy Meals in tow and my lousy, dull cup of ice water, we began our drive home...

Of course, the french fries were the first to be eaten....


About this time, I turned on some groov'in tunes-- specifically, this One Republic song and I began to shake my groove "thang" in the front seat and belt out the song rather proudly while the boys ate.  And yes, all the while driving and snapping these pics with my nephew was just looking at me like, "Who is this crazy fool??!!!"   Noah is used to it.

sidenote: Mr. Texas DPS officer who may be reading this, please excuse my driving down the road while shakin my groove thang all the while taking pics of the munchkins-- I had a really good excuse--"I'm a Mom Blogger! There was some precious blogging material going on in that backseat that I just had to capture for my readers!"

...oh and to my brother and sister-in-law...I promise I had control of the car the entire time {theoretically} while your precious munchkin was with me! It's all worries, you can still entrust your munchkin with Aunt GiGi any time.  ;-)

I digress (sorry)....and so let me continue with my story...


About the time my groov'in song was over, I looked back into the rearview mirror and saw this....



I guess my singing wore them out....

and so, I turned up the volume on my car radio and grooved through the rest of my One Republic CD for the remainder of the drive while the munchkins snoozed in the backseat with full tummies.

A special thanks to McDonald's and One Republic for making the drive home with the munchkins a bit more bearable on this hot summer afternoon.



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