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4th of July American tradition.

Wimberley July trip- part one

So who invented the parade?  I'm not sure...   ...must have been the Romans.  (Ever notice how the Romans get credit for just about every invention?)

No joke, I have read about Roman parades.  The following is from Time magazine:  "The honorific triumphs of ancient Rome were among the Roman Empire's most important rites. Victorious generals and emperors would process from the Field of Mars past shrines, and crowds of roaring plebeians toward Rome's great Temple of Jupiter. Toga-clad senators and the families of prominent patricians followed ahead of conquering ranks of legionaries. Bulls were sacrificed, laurel wreaths donned. Chariots bore the plundered loot of subjugated tribes, and captured barbarians were yanked along in chains. Some of the slaves had instructions to mutter "Memento mori" (Remember you are mortal) to their captors — an ironic note in a propaganda play designed to bind the Roman public to its leaders."  Wow!  They didn't mess around with the pageantry of their parades back in those days.

Enough about the Romans.  Boy do we Americans love our parades (or at least I do).  Who among us does not enjoy the Macy Thanksgiving Parade and the Hollywood Christmas Parade?  But what about the small town parade?  The hog-podge of firetrucks and floats, classic cars and convertibles, school bands and banners, popular political propaganda, local business bolstering and crazy characters (yes, every small town parade has its share of characters) makes for a people watching extravaganza!   Oh how I love the local small town parade with its mix-match make-up!  If you ever feel bah-humbug about the local parade, step back and look at it through the eyes of a child; the colors, the sounds, the glitz, the glamour, and of course the candy! Today's 4th of July parade in Wimberely, Texas was no exception.

It is a lovely place to visit {we are absolutely hooked} and if you are looking to escape the hectic, busy life of the big city...this is the place to visit.  The little town is nestled deep in the Texas Hill Country about 45 minutes south of Austin.  Last time we visited (you can read more about that here) we heard from several of the townsfolk how great their 4th of July parade and jubilee is, so we put it on our calendar and promised each other we were going to attend.   Jody planned his work calendar around this week.  I have been crossing the days off on my calendar--looking forward to some R&R time with my family.  When last Friday rolled around, we hooked up our RV and headed north to Wimberley.  The minute we pulled into town, both Jody and I let out a sentimental sigh--awwww.  It truly is a darling town and a such great place to enjoy the outdoors. 

On Monday morning, we woke early and headed to the downtown area to grab a good spot to watch the parade.  We were surprised to see how well attended this event is by all the local townsfolk and visitors--there were literally people lining the streets for miles. 

Wimberley's 4th of July parade included all sorts of local clubs, businesses and banks along with the local boy scouts, 4-H club, cheerleaders, classic cars, motorcycle club, the fire department and so forth. Candy galore was tossed to the crowd from the floats and the high school band led the parade with patriotic tunes.  There is no question, Wimberley's community is filled with a great sense of patriotism and they take such pride in their  little town.

Wimberley July trip- part one2


Wimberley July trip- part one11





Wimberley July trip- part one9


Wimberley July trip- part one5




Wimberley July trip- part one8

Wimberley July trip- part one6

Wimberley July trip- part one7











The parade...a wonderful American tradition, indeed.

Oh, and you may be wondering why there aren't a bazillion pictures of Noah in these...he actually wasn't here for the parade (bummer).  He is happy to be spending the week with his grandparents (all four of them) who live in East Texas--getting spoiled rotten {I'm sure} while Jody and I enjoy some much needed R&R together this week  RVing in the Texas Hill Country.  ;-)

Look for more posts to come from our summer fun in Wimberley....we're headed now to go float down the beautiful Blanco River---yee-haw!!



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