Friday, June 24, 2011

Kodak Moment of the Week and Lytro....


Earlier this week, the same day that I was busily slaving working in the kitchen on that new Taco Casserole recipe I told you all about here.  I let Noah play outside in the sprinklers while I was in the kitchen cooking.  There is a large window in our kitchen overlooking the backyard, so it's a great time for him to play outside at the end of the day when I am cooking dinner.  

Well, about halfway into the making of the meal, I glanced outside to see what he was up to and this is what I found....

Now this was especially exciting for me because we have been trying to get him to wear these goggles for weeks during his swim classes...but he wouldn't have a thing to do with them.  In fact, when his swim coach would try to put them on him before swim class, he would cry hysterically and tell her, "Take them off! Take them off!"

So you can only imagine how surprised I was to find our little fella enjoying himself in the backyard with the sprinkler, his baby pool and the onslaught of toys that he so lovingly stacked around it all the while wearing his handy-dandy goggles. 


That's the strangest thing with minute they may despise and utterly detest something and then all of a sudden...they love it and can't live without it.  

He wants to wear his goggles everywhere the grocery the church.  Go figure??

So, that is our Kodak moment of the week...and yes, this mama thinks it is just too precious for words.


Speaking of Kodak moments...have you heard of Lytro?  I read this article on CNN about Lytro this morning.  WOW!!!!!

Unbelievable technology that will undoubtedly change photography forever.

You can play around with the technology here.  Just click on the pictures in the photo gallery and change the focus and zoom.  SO...VERY...COOL.

Click here for the Lytro blog.

I was planning on getting a new Canon camera this summer, but I'm rethinking my purchase-- I may wait until the Lytro camera is released and see if it's a good fit for me.  The cameras are set to be released in late 2011 and the company says they will be "competitively priced".   Very exciting, indeed.

Happy Friday....


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