Monday, June 27, 2011

kid friendly eatery.


Jody was gone all last week with work.  It's no fun when Daddy has to travel and be out of town.  We always miss him so.

On Friday, upon his return, we got an invite from some friends to head over to the island for a romantic Sunset Cruise--it was an invite for adults only--no kids invited.  While as great as it sounded to have a much needed romantic date night together, we discussed it and decided we instead needed to spend time as a family.  Noah needed to spend time with his Daddy, and so our decision was made.  We kindly declined the invite and then asked Noah where he wanted to go---he made his choice without hesitation. 

As a parent, you are probably all too familiar with this kid friendly eatery.  Personally, I dread going like the plague.  Don't get me's a magical and fun place for children, I get it. 

But as a parent, it can be an event that is almost always going to include:

...long lines for games and rides
..."just your average" tasting pizza 
...a salad bar that most likely entails food items that have been sitting out way too long 
...chasing your child through a large crowd of other parents and children
...even longer lines at the prize station where you discover that you have spent $10 on tokens only to win a prize that is worth 50 cents. 
...a temper-tantrum {meltdown of the century} when you tell your child it is time to leave 
...all of which cam ultimately lead to a  whopping, migraine headache for this chicka

Okay...okay--I know, I'll be the first to admit it, I suffer from a serious  "BAH-HUMBUG" attitude when I think about going to this eatery, but inevitably, my attitude quickly changes from gloom to a more light -hearted, happy attitude when we arrive and I see first-hand how much our son enjoys himself.

He savors every single moment...his eyes light up...and for me, that is all it takes to shake off my "BAH-HUMBUG" attitude and see this moment for what it is.  A moment in my child's life that is fleeting. One that I, as a parent, need to savor and enjoy for I know all too well, our children grow up way too fast and they will only be this precious age once. 

A fun time at the kid friendly eatery...something {I have no doubt} we'll be doing again, real soon.



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