Monday, June 13, 2011

Dad and son...making popcorn.


To put it boys love, love, love some good popcorn. And, Jiffy Pop is their brand of choice.

Jody likes it for the taste of it and Noah, well he really just likes it for the fun of it.

Today was a long day at church for Jody. He left the house around 7am-- came home for a quick lunch around 3:30pm and then had to head back to the church for meetings. He didn't get home until around 8:30pm. Noah was anxiously awaiting all afternoon for his Daddy to come home. I could tell he was wanting some Daddy-Son time together. I don't blame him, I'm sure he gets tired of me being his constant companion each and every day. :-)

He tried his best to kill time all afternoon waiting for Daddy to come home ...

He played in the backyard for quite a while--running, swinging and sliding on his new playset and then he switched gears and began to busily fill his sandbox with all his outside trucks. It wasn't long before he had turned on the outside faucet and filled the sandbox with water (there's not much sand in it right now, thankfully). He then had a blast splashing in it to cool off. I just let him go at it--it was so hot outside today...close to 100 degrees. After a while though he told me he was getting too hot so we headed back into the house. I got him all cleaned up and dried off and we decided to watch the movie Tangled and relax in the den for a while. This is one of his new favorite movies (and well, I must admit--one of mine, too!) I thought he might dose off for an afternoon nap while watching it, but no such luck. Afterwards, we played together in his room for a while with his trucks and then we had some cereal together--a typical dinner for us on Sunday nights. By the time Jody got home, he was more than ready to hang out with his Daddy. And well, I was really in need of a break from mommy duty. :-)

After a few minutes of Jody being home, I was in the bedroom working on the computer at my desk and I heard the two of them in the kitchen chit-chatting about making some popcorn together. I chuckled to myself because I know how much fun these two have together making their Jiffy Pop on the stove. I always enjoy listening to my boys hang out together--the conversation is always so cute between the two of them. Noah loves his Daddy so much and I can already tell, he looks up to him a great deal.

About this time in their conversation, I decided to grab my camera and peek into the kitchen and check on my boys.

cooking popcorn1


I'm always so very nervous when our little man wants to be in the kitchen when the gas stove is on...the whole open flame thing just stresses me out. And it never fails, as often as we tell him to stand back--he seems to want to get closer and closer to the stove. Argh!!!

And so, inevitably between Jody and I, we end up saying a bajillion times, "Step back, Noah--you're too close." All of which completely frustrates him that much more because he doesn't understand why we can stand so close to the stove and turn the knobs but he can't. :-)

He is Mr. Independent these days which can be a good thing and yet at times, a bad thing.




When it gets to popping real good and the foil rises, Noah gets so excited!


And voila...within a matter of a few minutes, my boys had their popcorn all cooked.


cooking popcorn

After it was done, he was super excited about sharing popcorn with his Daddy. After making sure the gas flame was safely out on the stove, I then tip-toed back to the bedroom so the boys could enjoy their time together....just the two of them.


Life is most definitely lovely {and sweeter} when I have moments like this as a wife and mother....sitting back and watching the two people I love most in the world enjoying their special time together---as father and son.

"I love my father as the stars - he's a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart."

~Terri Guillemets


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  1. Love this. My boys get to have boy time with daddy but they always manage to get into some kind of trouble together... lol

  2. This is very sweet. I love watching my husband with our boys. It is nice to step back and watch them interact in a different way with their dad than they do with me. Glad you had this moment to capture.

  3. His face watching that Jiffy Pop is so stinkin cute. My hubby makes fresh popcorn in the air popper with lots of butter and salt. It's one of his favorite things to do for the kids.

  4. so sweet. the look on your boy's face in the those photo says it all. love!!


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