Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aggies fishing at the Island.


Jody loves to fish. I mean he REALLY loves to fish. Unfortunately, living the stressful and ever busy life of an attorney and serving as a Bishop at our church, he rarely gets any time off to enjoy his hobby. In fact, the last few times he has had a fishing trip on the calendar, he's had to cancel due to work and/or church commitments that came up.

But recently, he had some free time to head over to South Padre Island to do some fishing with some Aggie friends of his. He left at the booty-crack of dawn...5am in the morning! Lola and I stayed all snuggled under the covers in the bed as I very sleepily waved good-bye to him as he walked out the door.

They had a great time and caught several nice size fish (sorry...I have no idea what kind of these are). I was super proud of him for remembering to bring along his camera. Way to go honey! ;-)

Here are a few pics from their morning of fishing...









Times like this make it really nice to live so close to the ocean. A little over an hours time, you can be over at the island, sitting on a boat on the beautiful gulf coast waters casting fish.

But one caveat, today was the first day of the dreaded Hurricane season and given this warning we received today, I might be rethinking that previous statement in the coming weeks and months. Argh....


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