Wednesday, June 1, 2011 uphill battle.

Noah's favorite song to sing around the house is I Am A Child of God. It is so precious to hear him sing it out loud. He loves to sing it while riding in the car, taking a bath, outside while he's playing in his sandbox and even to his teachers at his preschool.

I am so happy that he, at such a young age, is beginning to develop his own personal testimony of God and Jesus Christ. I pray the he will always cherish his relationship with his Father in Heaven and the Savior. For I know it will bring so many blessings into his life.

I must admit, it saddens me when I think of all the many children who are growing up in tragic circumstances--homes where children are not loved or nurtured--homes where they are never told how special they are--homes where they are never taught that they are a child of God.

Today, I read a heartbreaking story in the news of a mother killing her child. He was only 3 years old and his burned body was found in the kitchen oven. You can read the article here. While it isn't my place to judge this woman--I am left wondering how it came to this. How others did not see that this mother was sick and needed help. Maybe there weren't any signs, but I find that hard to believe. You just wish that someone would have taken notice and removed this child from the home before it came to this.

As many of you know, Jody and I have been trying to adopt more children for over 3 years now. We are currently working with an adoption agency here in town with the hopes of adopting two little sisters who are in state foster care. It is a wonderful agency and we are so pleased to have found them. We have completed all but one of the required adoption classes (many of which require weekend and all-day attendance, which believe me is very difficult to make happen when you have little ones and busy work schedules). Without going into all the long-winded details, we were scheduled to take the PRIDE class (which by the way, is the most important class you need to take if you want to adopt through the state) this month, but found out early this week that they have canceled it due to not having enough participants. We live about as far south as you can go in the state of Texas and this is the only location we were told in our region who offers this particular class. It is looking as if we now will have to wait until next month to take the class. Under normal circumstances this really wouldn't be the end of the world, but in our case--it is completely discouraging. We are trying to meet a deadline to have our homestudy presented to the adoption committee who will be selecting the adoptive family for the girls we would love to adopt. Two precious babies that we have already had the chance to meet in person, hug and love on. The deadline to have everything submitted to the adoption committee from what we have been told is around the beginning of July. If we can't complete this class by early June, there is no way we will be able to finish all the required homestudy paperwork in time to meet this deadline. I have been on the phone for the past 2 days (non-stop) calling all over the state trying to find a state DFPS agency who will let us attend the class. Thus far, I have not had any luck.

I have felt completely discouraged this week with this recent development. Tears have been shed out of pure frustration and feeling like we continue to hit a brick wall. At times, I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say, "That's it...we are done!!" "A family of three we will be." But I just can't seem to bring myself to give up. I continue to have a strong feeling in my heart that one or more children are waiting to come to our family. Call me crazy or a mother's instinct, I don't know, but I just can't give up yet.

The sad reality is there are just over 6,000 children in the state of Texas who are in foster care--all waiting to be adopted. Folks, that is shameful in my opinion. That is just way too many children who need loving homes.

Jody has mentioned to me on more than one occasion through all the setbacks we have faced with our second adoption that we should strongly consider becoming adoption advocates in the state of Texas. Use it as an opportunity to share our story and hopefully help other families who want to adopt yet are facing many of the same roadblocks because of all the adoption "red tape". In the past, I have usually just shrugged off the idea, but I am beginning to seriously consider the idea.

I am not one to usually ask for this, but I am a big believer in the power of prayer. We sure would be grateful if you could add our little family to your prayers and that we can get the adoption class we need in a timely manner and the necessary homestudy paperwork completed in time to be considered for these precious little girls we are hoping to adopt.

And the adoption unit members who will be deciding the permanent placement for the girls--please pray that their hearts will be softened toward us--that they will strongly consider us as these precious, little girl's forever family.

Many thanks, my friends...




  1. I'll be praying for your family!

    I know (but not first-hand) how long the adoption process can be in Texas. A couple in my neighborhood are the adoptive parents of 6 children, and they would agree with you completely on how long and hard the process is.

    I'm glad you're not giving up though! It makes me so sad to think of all the children waiting for homes and all the loving families like yours wanting to provide homes. I wish the state made it easier for all of you wonderful people!

    I'll pray things work out for you and your family!

  2. Prayers on their way!!! And fingers crossed.

    This process can be so very VERY frustrating. I can't believe all you've been through and continue to go through but then again, I can. Hang in there. You must be close...the harder it gets the closer you are.

  3. Oh, Jennifer, you got it. I will pray for you and Jody and Noah every day! I hope you can continue to follow your heart and listen to those promptings and do what you have to in order to be considered for possibly providing a loving home for those little girls. We're actually working on adopting the 7-year-old from Taiwan that we've had staying with us a few times. I'm working like a crazy person trying to do what ever we can to make it happen, and can empathize with you to a degree. I hope it all works well for you and you can find a class to take soon!

  4. I am so excited that you have chosen to adopt through the state! Sending prayers your way to speed up the process- waiting can be terribly frustrating.

  5. Jennifer,
    I hope you know that I do, I am, I will continue to pray! All in His time - which is always perfect but sometimes frustrating because we can't see "the end".
    I love all three of you!

  6. Of course we will keep you in our prayers!!! I can't imagine the immense pain and frustration this process brings, and I applaud you for keeping at it. Sending hugs and prayers!!!


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