Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To the Man I love -AND- a 1st time Soccer Player.

Today is a special day...Jody and I celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary. Technically, we won't get to celebrate until this weekend. He is in Dallas right now for work, but we are looking forward to celebrating this weekend.

I feel like the luckiest girl alive and so very blessed to be married to a man whom I love so dearly. To be married to someone I have so much in common with and am able to share so much laughter with.

The many reasons I love my husband so dearly are he is...
A man I look up to and admire.
A man that can make just about anybody's day happier and more cheerful with his humor.
A man who is so attentive to my needs and looks for ways to make me feel special.
A man who knows how to write the sweetest and most tender love notes to this lucky girl.
A man who loves to go RVing as much as I do.
A man who is honest and caring with his fellow man.
A man who loves his family with all his heart and would do anything for us.
A man who works so hard each and every day to provide for his family.
A man who strives daily to stay close to the Lord.
A man who is confident and comfortable with who he is and won't let anyone or anything deter him from his goals in life.

I love being married to you--JRay! You are my best friend, beloved eternal companion and I thank my Father in Heaven for you every single day.

It has been an amazing 9 years, sweetheart-- and I look forward to many, many more years together!

Happy Anniversary to the Man I love....


The second part to this post is about Noah's 1st Soccer Academy. Now you'll have to excuse all the pictures, but this is a big deal for our little guy...his first time to "officially" play a sport at the ripe old age of 4. While it's just a 4-week Soccer Academy--we are making it out to be a very big deal around here and he is excited.

The first training session was last week. It was in the evening and thankfully, we had cool temperatures.

I don't know who was more anxious on the first night....Noah or me. Neither myself or Jody are soccer players, so we really hadn't practiced with him prior to his first session. We were told by a parent that was the purpose of this teach the kids soccer skills. Kind of like "Soccer 101".

During the drive over to the soccer fields...he was super excited and Mr. Cool in his sunshades.

Now something I should explain here, we live in a region of Texas where it is predominately Hispanic. And as many of you probably already know, soccer in this culture is HUGE. In fact, a dad was joking on the sidelines of the soccer field before the practice started how some parents receive soccer balls as baby gifts and that babies start kicking around a soccer ball around the same time they start to walk.

Uh-oh...I knew we were in for an interesting evening when I heard this. Noah has had zero experience with soccer. I'll be honest, I felt a lump in my throat form and was thinking, "Jennifer, you are the worst parent ever...why didn't you get in the backyard before this and kick the ball around with him more to prepare him!" Ugh...I was so upset with myself. But it was too late for any of that. I just said a silent prayer that he would have a good experience.

After getting him registered and picking up his official t-shirt, we walked over to his assigned field.

And the coach immediately blew the whistle and started the practice.

Almost all of the kids already knew the drills...except for a few.




Noah was a little confused why he couldn't throw the soccer ball like he does his baseball. The coaches were ever patient and kept reminding him to kick the ball...not throw it.

I could tell he was frustrated because he wanted to throw his soccer ball...really bad.


A couple times, I must admit I busted out laughing...he was so funny and seemed to want to entertain the parents watching more than playing the actual sport. That is so like our son. :-)


He learned all kinds of soccer drills...










They even had to learn how to sit on the ball during huddle took him a few minutes to get it figured out, but he finally got it.






He met some new friends...




And all was going pretty well until about here...when he fell and bit it face first on the ground.


He tried his best to fight back the tears, but when he reached up and felt the blood pouring out of his nose, that is when he got upset and wanted his mama.

I tried my best to play it cool and not be this overbearing mama and run over to him. So I calmly walked over, dusted him off and gave him a tissue.

He was a little upset that he had a bloody nose...well actually, ALOT upset.

So I did the only thing I knew to do...after the hugging didn't work, I began to tickle him and try to make him laugh.






It seemed to work until we go to the car, and then he had a total meltdown. Bless his heart...after running the soccer fields for almost 2 hours, he was completely worn out.


And so, I did the next best thing I could think of...we headed straight to the raspas stand and got us some big, juicy snow cones and that seemed to make everything better.

We go back to our 2nd Soccer practice tonight...I'm hoping it will go a little smoother than last week.


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  1. Happy anniversary! And I don't think I've commented since you switched over, but I love the whole "cupcakes and mud puddles" thing. Wonderful!!!


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