Saturday, May 28, 2011

A special evening with my church friends + Post Edit.


This past Thursday night, I gathered together with some pretty special ladies from my church for an evening to just celebrate "us". A time to reflect on womanhood and our "Royal Birth" as daughters of God. I think what I love most about this special group of ladies is despite the fact that we come from varying backgrounds and we are all at different stages of life...we share a common bond--a sincere appreciation for our faith and a deep love for the Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have been blessed by my relationships with these ladies (countless times) these past two years that we have lived here. It can be a bit lonely at times when you live so far away from extended family--most of our family lives about 10 hours away. So it has been a tremendous blessing to have such a wonderful close-knit church family embrace us as their own. I am continually touched at the kindness they have shown us and their genuine concern for my family's well-being.

What a beautiful and special night we had together together as "sisters". There was a special program prepared on the topic of "Royal Birth as Women", musical numbers, a picture slideshow and then we enjoyed a nice dinner together. I think we were all enriched and uplifted by being in each other's company.


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Pictures were shared of when we were very was fun trying to figure out who was who...

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After dinner, we all got together for some silly picture taking... :-)


Such a fun night with some very special ladies...

Post Edit: In response to a comment left for this post (who is a dear friend of mine by the way), there is a standing rule when using one of our church openly lit candles are allowed (for obvious fire prevention purposes). I'd like to clarify though that we did not use any lit candles at our activity. We (creatively) used battery operated (fake) candles from Hobby Lobby. :-)



  1. Looks like a cozy gathering! I hope this doesn't seem inconsiderate to point out, so feel free to delete this message if you'd like. Someone might not have realized this little detail, but lighted candles are not allowed. (see Handbook 2, 21.2.5 that says, "Open flames and lighted candles may not be used in Church buildings.") I hope everyone had a good time strengthening each other and building friendships.

  2. There were no flame lit candles used...battery operated (fake) candles. :-)


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