Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Picture day...


A few weeks ago, we had Noah's spring picture day at school. He wasn't happy with me the morning of when I made him put on his "dressy clothes". In fact, he was quite angry with his mama for making him dress up for his picture day. A tug-o-war ensued in his closet over which shirt he wanted to wear versus the shirt I wanted him to wear. I had anticipated this would happen. He is definitely at that age where he wants his independence and wants to pick out his own clothes. Any other day, I'm usually okay with him choosing what he wants to wear....but not on school picture day. :-)

I was finally able to coax him into his dressy clothes by promising him we'd drive thru Shipley donuts on our way to school and get him a bag of his favorte--1 dozen donut holes and chocolate milk. Thankfully, my bribe worked and we made it to school in time for the morning pictures. He even let me spike his hair and spray some of Daddy's cologne on him before we walked out the door.

I decided to stay to make sure he didn't take off his orange vest before the picture was taken...he's been known to do such a thing after Mommy drops him off. :-)

And so as we waited in his classroom, I began to get a little nervous because he started to really put on a show...




At this point I'm beginning to think this whole picture shoot may be very interesting. The kids were getting more and more excited and hyper as they waited...particularly my son. ;-)


And then it was time to line up in the hallway. My dear friend Sarah {who works at Noah's school} she came up and gave him a big hug. And being the huge Texas Longhorn fan that she is, she always likes to have me take a picture of her with Noah, giving the "Hook 'em Horns" sign so I can show to Jody, my Texas Aggie hubby.

And so, I snapped a picture of the two of them to give to Jody while we waited...he always cracks up when he sees Noah do the "Hook 'em Horns" sign.


And Sarah really gets a kick out of it!


And then we continued to wait patiently in the hallway together as the kids were called in one-by-one for their picture.

As we were standing there, I was looking at Noah and thinking to myself, "My goodness, he really is starting to look so grown up." I have to admit, it makes me really sad.

I'm so proud of him and for the sweet and vibrant little fella he is...he loves everyone with his whole heart and enjoys making people laugh.


His turn finally came and I snuck on out the back door so he could enjoy the rest of his school day with his friends. And yes, I made sure his teachers let him put on that change of clothes--the shirt he had wanted to so badly to wear earlier that morning, along with some comfortable shorts.


Yesterday, his pictures were waiting for me in his little cubby in his classroom. When I pulled them out of the envelop, I let out what is probably a usual mommy reaction, "Awwww...." My heart melted when I saw them and his beautiful and precious smile.

I feel so very, very blessed to be his mommy.

Here is the scanned version of his 4 year old school pictures....I kind of wish the photographer would have ditched the bear. It's not even Noah's bear, so it really is kind of a distraction--but oh's still precious to me and his daddy.

We will cherish them for years to come.

And I would have to say, this is most definitely a {cupcake} moment for this mama...




  1. Aww! That's such a precious picture! He gives such great smiles! My 4 year old is currently stuck in a phase where he never leaves "being a ham" mode. I have lots of funny pictures now!

  2. It definitely must be the age...and what a wonderful age it is. I'm sure going to miss this innocent stage when he's older! :-)


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