Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day...To My Mom.

“My mother and I have laughed over nothing and cried over everything. We understand each other’s fears, losses, and sense of humor. She holds my heart like no one else can.”

~Janette Oke

Happy Mother's Day, Mom...
I love you very, very much.
Thanks for putting up with me all these years!

We've been on a quite a journey together as mother and daughter, haven't we?...remember when we drove all the way to Cedar City, UT from little Gilmer, TX all by ourselves?? We thought we were all Thelma and Louise!

Thank you for not ever giving up on me.
Thank you for loving me always, even when I didn't deserve it. :-)
Thank you for your loving and selfless example of a righteous woman, wife and mother.

Thank you for hanging in there when I was 2 weeks late coming out of your womb-- almost 39 years ago {WOW!}... I was too busy doing my hair and makeup all up in there! It had to be just right before I made my grand entrance into the world. :-)

Thank you for feeding me spaghettio's and letting me watch GREASE when I'd have to stay home sick from school.
Thank you for taking me to all my endless dance and twirling classes as a kid.

Thank you for teaching me to love MOTOWN music when I was very young...I still remember that 'ole brown LTD we had in the 70's and you and I driving around town running errands while listening to 8-tracks of Michael Jackson and the BeeGee's.

Thank you for hosting all the "bazillion" slumber parties we had at our made them so much fun. :-)

Thank you for forcing Dad to take our annual family vacations to Florida every year--the first being when I was about to enter 8th grade. I thought I was so cool when I came back for school that fall with my super-brown tan and stories of hang'in in Florida.

Thank you for listening to me on the days I feel overwhelmed as a wife and mom. For always giving me such wise "mom" counsel--telling me that it will all be okay and I'm doing a great job.

Thank you...thank you...thank you for all that you sacrificed over the years for our family-- the countless meals you prepared, the many boos-boos you made feel better and the thousands of miles you have driven over the years since we all left the nest-- to come to our aid!

Thank you for giving so freely of yourself to your family each and every day.

But most importantly, thank you for reminding me of these things: that I'm a daughter of God... how important it is for me to be a stay at home mom during this "season" of my life... and that my Savior knows me by name.

How very, very blessed I am to have YOU as my mom.

Love Forever....


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  1. Dear Precious Daughter,
    I am so honored by your sweet tribute! How blessed I am to have such a wonderful daughter and best friend! God smiled upon me when He sent you to me. Let me assure you that there was never a time time you didn't deserve my love! A mother's love is unconditional and eternal. Your name is written on my heart, and we will always be together somehow, some way! I will love you forever! Mom


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