Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Noah's grandad sent him a package in the mail this week. When he opened it, he found a few goodies to play with--his favorite is the big red bouncy balloon.

He played with it last night until I thought it was going to pop!

He loves his goodie bag, Pop. You made his day and boy was it a rough day for Noah. He had his first night of soccer academy. I'll share more about that in a later post. But let's just say that this package came just in the nick of time for our little fella. He needed some cheering up.

Oh, the simple and precious joys as seen through the eyes of a 4 year sweet they are.



After I dropped Noah off at his preschool this morning, I decided to take my camera and sit in the backyard for a bit. The weather has been so cool and comfortable this week--it makes you want to spend some time outdoors.


I had a bit of the blues for some reason when I woke up today...can't really say why, but just had them. Just part of life. But I can honestly say sitting outside in this cool, beautiful weather we have had this week did my heart good.

I curled up in the chair and started reading this book. Have any of you read it? I've heard so many wonderful things about it and decided it was time to read it for myself. When Jody and I were at the movies recently {to see Water for Elephants}....I saw this preview while waiting for the movie to begin. It looks so kind of flick. And growing up in the South--I think I'll appreciate this book's humor and candor. All the more reason I want to finish the book before the movie comes out in August.

While outside, I snapped some photos of new lovelies in our backyard.

There are new beautiful blooms that are spreading their lovely wings in our backyard....








These below are actually some lovelies that are adorning one of our neighbor's lawn. I pass by their house each day when I head to town. Today, I couldn't resist pulling out my camera and snapping a few photographs...such vibrant and beautiful colors for this time of the year, don't ya think???

If you have some time this week and are getting any of this beautiful, cool weather we have had in South Texas, I would recommend spending some time outside and enjoy it. Especially before the summer heat wave is upon us--and those {not-so-lovely} mosquitoes that inevitably come with the heat.


And speaking of all things {lovely}....have you purchased your copy of SUMMER with Mathew Mead yet? You really should...I pre-ordered mine a few months ago and can't wait for its arrival.

You can check out Mathew's blog here and order your own personal copy.

If you order your copy by May 6th, you may be one of the lucky readers who receive a GOLDEN TICKET, tucked away inside of your magazine!

You can read more about the GOLDEN TICKET here.

Isn't the cover just {lovely}?

Have a great one my friends!

I'm off to pick Noah up from preschool and then get us some raspas. :-)



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