Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boys will be boys.


Remember that play equipment that the Easter Bunny so kindly dropped off at our house for Easter? Well, it has turned into a big 'ole pain in the rear. I'm not kidding---it has been somewhat of a nightmare trying to assemble this monster thing. Jody decided it was time to bring in an extra set of hands to help him with the assembly, so he called up one of our friends from church. This friend gladly accepted the invitation and brought along his precious son who is Noah's age to help out. Noah was so happy to have his friend come over. Initially the boys wanted to help their Dad's with the assembly, but as you probably already guessed, boys will be boys.... the two of them quickly decided on a much different plan once they hit the backyard.

The men were left to tackle the play equipment themselves while the boys played...I selfishly enjoyed watching this all play out from inside the house--where it was much cooler!



The boys enjoyed building forts, canals and bridges in the sandbox...and piling as many trucks as they could in it.

After a while, when it was beginning to get a little too hot, Noah decided it was time to turn on the faucet and cool things down.


They made mud puddles and had a blast playing around in them.


Truly a little boy's dream to just play in the mud...ugh--how different boys and girls are!

Their excuse every time they would turn on the faucet was they needed to clean off, but inevitably--it would turn into to splashing each other with the water. I don't blame ' was so dang hot out there.


After about 4 hours of working in the heat, I kept telling the men folk that they needed to quit for the day. It was getting way too hot outside for them to be working. But like most typical men, they didn't want to stop. And so, they carried on and kept slaving away on that beastly play equipment. And, I being the dutiful wife (ha...ha), kept bringing out the cold Gatorade and water as often as possible to try and prevent one or both dying of a heat stroke!

About this time, it was pretty obvious by Noah's beet red face that they had been out in the sun and heat too long. It was time to head in the house to cool off, have a snack and play inside.

boys 1
After eating some ice cream and drinking apple juice, they were ready to play some more. Noah asked if they could pull out his costumes. They were a hit. I was cracking up watching them run around the den growling and chasing each other.





They had a great time playing together. I love listening to their giggles, laughter and innocent 4-year old conversations about fire trucks, dragons, and of course the usual bodily function stuff that little boys tend to chat about, i.e. poo-poo and pee-pee. What can I say...boys will be boys!


8 hours later...all their hard work paid off (despite Jody's friend almost having a heat stroke). Jody was very pleased with how far along they had taken the project.

He still has a ways to go-- the slide, along with the swings and rock climbing wall, are still missing, but oh my goodness--it is actually looking like a real playhouse now. Noah was grinning from ear to ear when he walked outside later that afternoon and looked it over.

When it is finally completed....I'll post more updated pictures. I love how Noah looks out it at every morning from the window when he wakes up -- checking to make sure it's still there. so precious! He's so proud of what his Daddy has built for him....



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