Friday, May 20, 2011

The All-American Cookie.


Beginning random thought for this post....When was the last time you enjoyed a warm, homemade Oatmeal Cookie with a big glass of milk? Hmm...

We've had several slow, uneventful days around our house this week. I don't know what it is, but I have felt so tired all week and then Noah has been fighting these darn allergies during the night {bless his heart}, so we've pretty much been holed up in the house most of the week. I haven't wanted to get him out much. He's had to do a couple breathing treatments a day to help him get over his cough and the junk in his chest. It's always a battle to get him to use his nebulizer...I don't know who dreads it more, me or him. :-)

I gotta tell ya though....I kind of liked the excuse to stay close to home. It felt good to be a homebody this week and just focus on organizing my life a bit more. Our trip to Dallas last week just really zapped me of all my energy, so it felt good to catch up on all that I needed to. And after a few days of taking it easy, Noah seems to be feeling much better and that makes me really happy.

For some odd reason, I was craving Oatmeal cookies all week. I haven't made them in forever, so Noah and I decided it was time to dust off an old recipe book I have on my shelf and find my recipe for my favorite All-American cookie. I found the recipe many years ago in my mom's kitchen when I was rummaging around her cookbooks for some yummy cookies to make. Oatmeal cookies are my Dad's favorite, and I must admit, I always get a little homesick when I smell them baking in my oven. They make me think of home.

So Dad, if you're reading this, I sure wish you were here at my house to enjoy these cookies with us. ;-)

To make these tasty cookies, here is all you need:

Brown Sugar
Baking Soda


To begin, add 1 cup of shortening to a large mixing bowl...


Next, 1 cup of packed brown sugar...


Then add 1 cup of sugar...


Now it's time to mix it all together with your handy-dandy mixer (or by hand if you prefer a work-out in the kitchen). ;-)

oatmeal cookies

Mix until well combined--but be careful, don't over do it like I have been known to do.


Set the mixed ingredients aside for now, and crack 2 eggs in a mixing bowl...


And beat together...


Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla...


Stir it in well..


Now add the egg mixture...



And mix it all together well.


Next add 1 1/2 cup of flour in a large mixing bowl.


Then add 1 teaspoon of salt to the flour...


Next, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and get ready to stir it all together.



Add the flour mixture to your sugar dough mixture...


And get to mix'in it all together real well...again, don't over do it though.


Once mixed, add those lovely oats to the mixture. Add 3 cups to the dough.


Mix them in well.


And now it's time to start spoon'in out the dough onto your cookie sheet. This is where Noah gets to have fun...he enjoys helping me with this part. I have to watch him though--or he'll lick the spoon after putting it on the cookie sheet and then dip it back into the dough. Argh!!


Cook those babies in the oven for 11-15 minutes (or until golden brown)....and Voila!!


You've then got yourself some yummy oatmeal cookies to snack's a must around our house though to have a big glass of milk to drink while eating them.




And that my friends is how we make Oatmeal Cookies at our house.

By the way, I looked like a real goober in the kitchen trying to make these all the while attempting to capture each step with my camera. Noah was just looking at me like I was crazy.


He even tried to help his mama with the picture taking but we had this problem...this is his vantage point with the camera. Slight problem as you can see.

And then, I almost dropped my camera in the cookie dough at one point...that would have been something real fun to try and explain to Jody. I'm still dusting off some of the flour that made its way into the crevices of my lens...lovely!

A talented mom blogger who can whip out beautifully photographed recipes in the kitchen...I AM NOT. But it's sure fun to try every once in a while. :-)



  1. Those look so good!!
    My 4 year old son suffered horrible allergies too. Stuffy nose, puffy eyes, the works! I tried so many allergy medicines and none of them worked well. Then I started researching it and found that a lack of vitamin D in children can make allergies worse. (Keep in mind, I'm by no means a doctor) I've been giving him a vitamin D gummy every morning and his horrible allergies are completely gone. It's amazing. Again, not a doctor, but it might be something worth researching. I wanted to share because I'm amazed at how it's worked with my son.
    That was a really long comment - I'm sorry!

  2. These look delicious! And they would go so well paired with my mug of black tea! Thanks for sharing (and I'm glad you didn't drop the camera!!)

  3. I have been craving these since I read this post a little while ago. I'm going to make them! What's the oven temp.?

  4. Okay--well, for better or for worse, I guessed on the oven temp based on other recipes because...
    a)I REALLY wanted to eat these! :O)
    b)We decided these would be great for Kaylin's teachers on the last day of school tomorrow.

    Oh. my. goodness. SO YUMMY!!!! Thank you for a winner of a recipe that will stay with our family for a long time! :)


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