Monday, April 4, 2011

Sick boys and the Beach.

We have had this trip on the calendar for a few weeks now. A condo at the Island was reserved and paid for...

But as luck would have it... 2 days before we were to leave, both my boys became very ill. The Hubby had an awfully stressful week with work. He had to be in 3 different cities in 3 days. He was running on low fuel with the travel and lack of sleep. When we picked him up at the airport Wednesday night, I knew immediately something was wrong. He didn't look good and definitely wasn't acting his jovial self. He was up all night sick and by Thursday morning, we were at the doctor's office. The doctor couldn't really say for sure what was causing him to feel so awful, but we walked out with 2 prescriptions for antibiotics. She told us that if he didn't feel better, I might need to take him to the ER. He stayed in bed all day Thursday and Friday feeling miserable.

On Friday, I was at the doctor's office with Little Man. His cough that had started earlier in the week had progressively gotten worse along with a bad runny nose. His pediatrician took one listen to his lungs and told me that he was a very "sick kid". The diagnosis...bronchiolitis.

She very sternly told me that if we didn't get going with 4-5 nebulizer breathing treatments a day along with antibiotics and steroids, he would end up in the hospital. I can't say for sure, but at this point, I'm pretty sure my bottom lip was trembling. We did a breathing treatment there at the doctor's office and then went straight to Walgreens to get the antibiotics and steroid prescriptions filled for my little man.

The pharmacist remembered me from the day before picking up my husband's medicine. He said to me, "You've got your hands full, don't you?" I nodded my head....I felt my bottom lip trembling again. ;-(

By Friday afternoon, both of my boys had antibiotics running through their bodies. They weren't feeling 100%, but seemed to be feeling a bit better. The hubby and I discussed what we should do about our weekend plans. Since we couldn't get our money back on the condo and the drive to get there is just about an hour, we decided to throw our clothes in the suitcase and head on over. His attitude about it was if I'm going to be sick, I might as well be sick over at the beach. We arrived at the Island around 6pm on Friday. As soon as we drove over the bridge from Port Isabel to South Padre, we rolled down the windows of the Hubby's truck and enjoyed the feel and smell of the coastal breeze.

We did a pretty good job of making the best of it. Little Man continued his regiment of breathing treatments while the Hubby rested in the condo.

The condo was located on the bay side...we enjoy staying on the bayside when we are at the Island. The sunsets are beautiful, it's really peaceful and the Hubby enjoys getting to watch all the salt water fishing going on.

On Saturday morning, we ate at our favorite breakfast diner, the Grapevine Cafe, and then we let Little Man walk on the beach.

He wasn't too happy with us for not letting him get in the water. We tried to explain to him that he was too sick to get wet, but he still didn't get it. Poor kid...I felt so bad for him.

The Hubby still wasn't feeling well, so we dropped him off at the condo that afternoon and I took Little Man to see the turtles at the Sea Turtle Rescue Center and then we headed over to the Nature and Birding Center.

Afterwards, we headed back to the condo to check on the Hubby. Little Man begged and begged to go back to the beach. Since the Hubby was feeling a little better, he suggested we all put on our swimsuits and head to the beach again. And so we did...

We didn't let little man get soaked, but all the same, he loved standing in the ocean with his Daddy. He giggled and laughed each time a wave would come in. It was precious to watch.

We decided to leave a day early because the Hubby was still feeling miserable. We spent the last day of our weekend in the comfort of our own home watching the LDS General Conference. I think it did all of us good to listen to the wonderful spiritual messages that were shared by our church leaders. One of my favorite talks was this one.

Both of my boys are still on the mend, so we'll continue to take it easy this week and let the medicine (and prayers) work their magic.



  1. Looks like it was still a wonderful getaway. Bad timing though on both of them getting sick. I hope you're not going to be under the weather now. The condo and beach look lovely.

  2. Glad you were still able to enjoy your trip--looks so nice. So sorry the menfolk were so sick! We know the nebulizer well over here. :) Hoping everyone is much better now!!!


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