Tuesday, April 19, 2011


{Loving all these beautiful flowers in bloom at our house}

I have been pondering this quote in my mind and heart here lately:
"I am grateful that He rescues me, not only from physical death and from sins, but also from myself--my fears, my discouragement, my doubts, my feelings of inadequacy. I am thankful that He is so long-suffering, as well. He never tires...He never fails...He never falters...He never gives up on me. He is always reaching out His hand to me and "running to" rescue. Because of that, I am a different person-- stronger, more confident, more full of faith, and more grateful for God's goodness."

~ Brent L. Top, When you Can't Do It Alone: Take The Savior's Hand

We have had some challenging days recently. The Hubby has been having some health problems for some time now. He was admitted to the hospital last Thursday for some testing and stayed there until Saturday afternoon. My in-laws were so kind and helpful through this process. As soon as I called them and told them he was going into the hospital, they left town immediately and made the 10-hour drive to come help us out with Little Man and help me stay with the Hubby at the hospital.

We are happy to have the Hubby back home now and he seems to be feeling better. The doctors still can't say for sure what is going on, but a cat-scan and other testing did rule a mass or tumor which was a huge relief for us all. We are still awaiting other test results to find out what is causing him to feel so crummy. Needless to say, he has been taking it slowly since coming home from the hospital. I am forcing him to ease back into his busy work and church schedule...he is I'm sure tired of me asking him how he's feeling and to turn his phone off so he can get some rest!

My in-laws left to return back home yesterday. I want them to know how deeply grateful I am for them coming to help out. The drive to get here is long and hard. But what a blessing they were to us. Them being here during this difficult time helped ease our worries and brought us great comfort. I am also grateful to those family members and friends who were kind enough to call and check in on the Hubby. It's nice to feel that kind of love and concern. Little Man especially enjoyed having his grandparents come and stay. He showed them how he can fill the bird feeders all by himself, they played ball in the backyard together and he showed them all of his toys and books in his room. Since getting him home from the hospital, we have been spending some peaceful time around the house while the Hubby recovers, so you'll have to excuse me because this post is really random....

Raspas (aka...snow cones) on a hot South Texas day. Little Man's favorite is blue cotton candy and mine is pina colada with cream...yum--yum!

Three new books on my nightstand that I am enjoying reading ...a parenting book, an"escape the world" kind of book and one to make me ponder some wonderful spiritual truths.


The May issues of my favorite magazines came in the mail...


The new mixed media print I recently ordered from Jeanne Oliver came in the mail. I am giving it to a friend of mine who has been on my mind lately ... someone who has had to face a tremendous trial in her life this past year. She has amazing strength...more than she gives herself credit for at times.


Baked some homemade bread yesterday...the Hubby loves the way it makes the house smell.


A little Easter gift I am giving to the sweet ladies I am assigned to visit teach each month. I am also attaching this spiritual message with it...


Dear Lola...isn't she a doll??? She has settled in so nicely with our family. We LOVE her!






The newest DownEast catalog came in the mail. I'm a little stressed about trying to find a swimsuit this year...not feeling good about the body these days, frankly...I'm not even really jones'in to buy one for the summer. ;-(


I love this...Little Man and Pebbles buckled in the car together taking a nap.

More beautiful flowers blooming in our backyard...they just put me in a good mood.


Lastly...the Easter bunny sent Little Man a "BIG" present early this year. It was delivered by a rather large truck yesterday...he was so excited when he woke up this morning and saw all the boxes sitting in the backyard.


At first he wasn't quite sure what it was until his Daddy lifted up the slide and showed him. He was beaming from ear to ear when he realized what it was.

When I dropped him off at his preschool this morning, he ran up to his teacher and said,

"Guess what? ... The Easter bunny brought me a playground for my backyard!!"


He insisted we cut open the boxes so he could take a look at it...


The only downer--we now have to assemble this monster playground set...uh-oh!!


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