Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today, Little Man was full of all kinds of new phrases and words. It's pretty stink'in cute to hear what is coming out of his mouth these days. Here is just a sampling of what we heard today:

1.) The Hubby was leaving for work this morning and Little Man ran up to him to give him a hug. He then asked, "Daddy...where are you going?"

The Hubby responded, "Well buddy...Daddy has to go to work."

And Little Man said, "But you just went to work yesterday!"

(as if went yesterday, so you should have the day off today.) :-)

2.) After Little Man and I scarfed down our sandwiches for lunch at the house, Little Man had a doctor's appointment that we were about to be late for, so I was running around trying to gather my purse, cell phone and get him dressed. I realized I couldn't find my car keys. So I began searching the house frantically because we were really running late for his appointment about this time. Little Man could obviously sense my anxiety. And then he said to me:

"Mawwwm...why don't you just call Daddy and see if he knows where your keys are?"

I sat down at the kitchen table and responded, " You know, that's a great idea. Let's do that." And I proceeded to call Daddy.

Little Man then climbed up on the table and scooted real close to me and said, "'ll be okay."

Come to find out...when Daddy answered the phone --I asked if he knew where my keys were, they were in his suit pocket. ;-)

When I told Little Man, he said, "See...I told you."

3.) When we finally arrived to the doctor's office (Little Man has such anxiety when we go to see his pediatrician---he's always so worried they are going to give him a shot.) ...I walked up to the counter to sign us in and give them my insurance card. About this time, Little Man walks straight up to the counter, stands on his tiptoes to be sure the receptionist could see him and says real loudly:

"Hey...I don't want no shots and no band-aids...okay?" She (and the rest of the lobby full of parents) busted out laughing with me.

Gotta love it. Out of the mouth of babes, right??.... ;-)



  1. Love your new blog look and the name is perfect.

    I love reading what other kids say you have a sweet smart little boy on yur hands. So cute.

  2. Thank you, Tia! Great to hear from you. :-)


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