Monday, April 11, 2011

A kitty-cat...


Little Man has been asking for months for us to get him a kitty-cat. We have had reservations about getting him one for a couple reasons:

1. Inside pets...we like having a clean, good smelling house. Pets as you know tend to be a bit stinky and messy. :-)

2. Little Man is still so young...the idea of him having a kitten at 4 years old is a little scary. He may be too rough with it.

3. We had a terrible experience last time we adopted a "kitty-cat" --you can read more about that here.

But we know that Little Man needs a buddy to play with around the house. I told the Hubby it was time to begin the search for a kitty-cat. I have been looking for over a month at all the pet shelters in our area and on Craigslist for the perfect kitty-cat for our family. When I saw the picture above at the Harlingen Humane Society, my heart literally jumped. She was so beautiful and I don't know...those eyes seemed to speak to me, "Please come get me...adopt me!"

And so... I mulled it over for a few days, discussed her with the Hubby (he said it was my decision...he'd support me either way--argh!!--sometimes those responses don't help me much when I am trying to make a decision.). But last Thursday, I decided what the heck, I'm going to meet this sweet kitty-cat in person and see if she's a fit for our family. Little Man was at his preschool that day, so it was the perfect time to make the 45 minute drive to Harlingen.

When I walked in, there must have been over 40 kitty-cat cages all filled with kittens and cats waiting to be adopted. It was kind of sad because I knew that many of them had to be on the chopping block (if you know what I mean). I spotted the kitty-cat I had come for immediately---I recognized her from her picture above that was on their website. Frank, a nice man that works at the Humane Society, helped me get her out of her cage and walked us over to the sitting room so I could have a few minutes to hold her. As soon as Frank handed her to me, she just wrapped her front arms/legs around my neck. She was calm and seemed to savor being held and rubbed. Yep...she had my heart at that point and I had a calm, sense of peace about my decision to adopt her.

She was the perfect kitty-cat for our family.

Noah and Lola 001

When I picked Little Man up that afternoon from his preschool, I told him I had a big surprise for him. He was so excited, he could barely contain himself during our drive home.

When we walked into the house, kitty- cat immediately walked up to him and Little Man clasped his hands together and with the biggest smile on his face and exclaimed..."Mommy....a kitty cat!!! And she's mines!!" I said, "Yes baby....she's all yours."

The two have been inseparable ever since. They were instant buddies. I often hear the two of them in his room together...he is just talking away with her. Showing her all of his toys and reading her books. The Hubby and I have just been standing back, watching and smiling. Now sometimes I still have to remind him to not chase her so loudly, to be gentle when he picks her up, and to not share his Popsicle with her---but other than that...he is doing such a good job of taking care of her.

Noah and Lola 019

Noah and Lola 004

Noah and Lola 007

Noah and Lola 022

Noah and Lola 037

Noah and Lola 028

Things we know:

Her name is Lola...her previous owners named her this and we decided to stick with it since she responds so well to it when you call her by her name.

She was adopted from the Harlingen Humane Society on April 7, 2011 and all the volunteers there LOVED Lola---they were overjoyed when I took her home with me.

She tested negative to Rabies, Feline Leukemia and Feline FIV/AIDS...whew!

She is around 2 years old.

She weighs 5 pounds.

She is a domestic short hair kitty.

And most importantly...she has to be the sweetest, most laid-back kitty with the sweetest soul.

We already love her.



  1. So sweet! I love cats but can't bring myself to getting another one. It looks like Little Man and Lola will be friends forever. P.S. I need your blogging expertise :)!

  2. Precious! My little Audrey loves her kitty's...we have to have a new batch of puppies or kittys each year on our place or she thinks things are not right! We have old dogs and old cats so they cycle out sadly.. :o(

    And by the way! Thanks for posting my blogsite on your great website/blog. I really enjoy getting to 'catch' up with you and enjoy your entries a lot.

    ***I have received so many feeds from your site! Blogging has become my new outlet with my empty nest syndrome of having only one girl at home with next fall!

    Take care and please tell your mother hello from me!

    Thank you,
    Alise Nolan

  3. Hey me anytime--I'd love to help! :-) And, I think you really should get another kitty. Mine is curled up on my lap as I type this--so relaxing to hear her purring.

    Alise...I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying blogging. It is a lot of fun and a great way to meet new friends. Love your blog!! :-)


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