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A Taste of Gruene.

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene6

When driving through the Texas Hill Country, you come across so many unique and charming towns. The Hubby and I, when we were first married in 2002, we lived in the Austin area. For the 2 years we lived in this area, we always enjoyed traveling to various towns in the Hill Country area on the weekends to learn more about the history of this part of the state. It truly is one of the (if not "the") prettiest part of the great state of Texas.

While driving to our destination town of Wimberley yesterday, we drove through another special little town called Gruene. I believe it is pronounced like "Green". The Hubby and I decided to eat lunch in this cute little town and spent the afternoon walking around and sight seeing. If you are planning a road trip to the Texas Hill Country and would like to learn more about Gruene or if you are just interested in the history of this little German Texas town, you can click here. We fell in love with this charming place and plan to come back again to stay longer. You feel as if you have stepped back in time when life was a bit slower and people took time to sit back and take in the beauty of the outdoors.

I was surprised how packed this little town was for a Monday. The parking lots were completely full all over town and families were strolling through the shops, playing horseshoe in the town center and enjoying some tasty lunch at the local restaurants.

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene5
Two of the most popular places in Gruene is the Gristmill Restaurant (where we enjoyed a great lunch) and the famous Gruene Hall. Gruene Hall is Texas' oldest operating dance hall (or as we call it here in Texas....a "Honkey Tonk"). It was built in 1878 and over the years it has become internationally recognized as a popular tourist attraction and major music venue for up-and-coming as well as established artists. Click here to learn more about Gruene Hall and its unique bit of history.

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene4

By 1:00pm, we were starving, so we headed on over to the Gristmill for lunch.
2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene7

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 125

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene8
The Gristmill is located on a bluff that overlooks the Guadalupe River, so the views are really pretty. Their menu consists of all sorts of good-eats, but we decided to go with a juicy burger and an order of their MASSIVE onion rings. WOW!! They were great.

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene9

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 131

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 138

Views of the Guadalupe River from where we were sitting.
Houston Rodeo and Gruene 139

After we finished eating, we walked over to the downtown area to see the General Store. I've always loved going into General Stores and let me tell ya, this one is great!
Houston Rodeo and Gruene 141

I was told by one of the ladies working at the General Store that it has been selected as one of the 40 best places to visit in Texas. Pretty cool!! They have an inventory that spans as far as the eye can see when you walk in. When you enter the store you will see an old-timey soda fountain bar, homemade fudge, Texas foods, unusual gifts (some a bit more unusual than others), books, cards, antiques, signs and tins, all in a nostalgic setting.
Houston Rodeo and Gruene 148

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 147

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene17

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 154
The Hubby is an he could relate to this one. :-)

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 155

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 161

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene10

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 164
They have a wide assortment of homemade sauces, jellies, butters and canned vegetables. Thank goodness I had already eaten my lunch or we would have been purchasing some of these tasty assortments to take home with us.

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 165

We couldn't leave the General Store without purchasing some of their fudge...the Tiger Butter Fudge was what we went with and it was gone in a flash!! :-)
Houston Rodeo and Gruene 168

Our next stop was the Gruene Antique Company...I was so looking forward to going in this store. I absolutely LOVE strolling through antique shops.
2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene13

Oh-my...this little chicka's heart went pitter-patter when we saw this gem of a phone. I immediately began dreaming of where I could hang it in our home. The Hubby just looked at me and said, "We'll think about it..." Boo-boo!!!...was my response to that.

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 173

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 174

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 175

There were beautiful antiques everywhere!! We stayed in this store the longest. Even the Hubby was enjoying this one. When we used to live in Virginia--this was one of our favorite past times to do together, go antiquing. I love the fact that he enjoys going to antique stores with me. I think I have my mother-in-law to thank for that. She trained him well. :-)

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 176

We saw all kinds of eye-candy...
Houston Rodeo and Gruene 187

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 190

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 193

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 191
Absolutely LOVE this old cooking stovetop/oven.

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 198

I was excited to find a vintage milk white ruffled cake plate, pedestal stand for $32. The Hubby bought it for me. I would show you a picture of it, but by the time I thought of taking a photo of it, the store clerk was already wrapping it tightly and packing it for our road trip, so I didn't get a picture to share with you. Here is an online picture of one that looks exactly like mine. I'm so proud of it and look forward to displaying one of my homemade cakes on it when we get back to our casa.

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 179

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene15

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene14

Let me just say, if you like going to antique shops, then you'll definitely want to make a stop at the Gruene Antique Shop if you are ever in the Texas Hill Country. I found the prices to be very reasonable and they have so much to choose from.

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene16

Gruene also has this cute little winery...since we don't drink alcohol, we opted not to go in this little place, but I thought the storefront was charming with its rustic style and the beautiful flowers and benches where people could sit and relax.

2011-03-14 Houston Rodeo and Gruene12

We truly enjoyed spending the afternoon in Gruene. I most definitely want to go back and spend the night some time. What a delightful little town and I love the fact that you get to enjoy the beauty of the Texas Hill Country while there.

Houston Rodeo and Gruene 215

We then hit the road to head to Wimberley to check into our little getaway place that we rented for the next few days. It is such a beautiful drive out to Wimberley from the Austin area.
Houston Rodeo and Gruene 214

I'll share pics of our stay in Wimberley when I can. For now, we are off to enjoy some relaxing time together on this little Spring Break getaway of ours.

Happy Tuesday!!



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  1. I love all of your pictures! I've lived in Texas my whole life and have never made it to Gruene. Yet!


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