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Rural Small Town...A Slice of Heaven.

2011-03-16 Wimberley day 2

"Ironically, rural America has become viewed by a growing number of Americans as having a higher quality of life not because of what it has, but rather because of what it does not have!" ~Don A. Dillman

Our last day in Wimberley was so relaxing and peaceful. I was proud of my Hubby--he actually turned his cell phone off for the entire day-woo-hoo!! ...which in other words means, he "turned the world off" and this chicka got to enjoy some quality time with her husband.

We enjoyed strolling around little Wimberley and taking it all in. We started our day by enjoying a nice breakfast at the Wimberley Cafe--which by the way, if you are ever there for breakfast, their pancakes are to die for,'ll be missing out if you don't try you some while you're there. :-)

Wimberley day 2 059

After breakfast, we walked around the downtown area and looked into each of the shops. What a treat this was...there was so much eye candy, I tell ya!!

Here are just a few of the places we stopped in at while there...

2011-03-16 Wimberley day 21

Wimberley day 2 019
The Old Mill Store is a neat little store....there is this quaint eatery/general store on one side of the building and then you can walk over to the other side where you enter a more sophisticated home decor shop. I always enjoy going to this side of the store and seeing all the beautiful decorative things.

Wimberley day 2 020

Wimberley day 2 022

Wimberley day 2 023

The Salty Chicken Bed and Breakfast is located right on the Cypress Creek.... slap-dab in the middle of downtown Wimberley. While staying here, you can enjoy the convenience of walking anywhere you'd like from its central location. Click here to learn more about the Salty Chicken.

2011-03-16 Wimberley day 23

2011-03-16 Wimberley day 24

Wimberley has the neatest hardware store just a few blocks from downtown that we always enjoy visiting. The day we were there, they had several baby chicks napping under lamps that were for sale...they were so darling. The Hubby and I laughed and said to each other that if Little Man was with us, we'd most likely be walking out with a baby chick or two. He would have gone crazy if he saw those little babies.

Wimberley day 2 063

Near the Salty Chicken Bed and Breakfast, they have this peaceful sitting area just up from the creek where you can put your feet up and relax.

Wimberley day 2 057

"Cira" is such a gem of a little shop. They have a wide assortment of skin care products to choose from...I could literally spend hours in there just smelling all their products.

Wimberley day 2 032

Below is an interior picture of "Circa"...if you are like me, and love an assortment of natural soaps and body lotions, you'd LOVE this shop, indeed.

Wimberley day 2 035

Wimberley day 2 030

By far though, my favorite shop in Wimberley is the "Brocante Boutique". Oh-my-goodness!!! Ladies, there is so much eye candy in this store--a little bit of advice...if you are there with your hubby, you'll want to make sure you allow ample time to walk through this one. Most definitely find something for your special someone to do to keep him busy OUTSIDE while you do some shopping! :-) You don't want him to see the damage you do to the credit card while you are in here. Just kidding...(maybe a little)--but it is hard to leave this store without making a few purchases. ;-)

Wimberley day 2 039

Here are some pictures I snapped while strolling through Brocante...

Wimberley day 2 042

Wimberley day 2 041

The merchandise in Brocante is predominately made up of apparel from independent designers. I love it because it feels so Anthropologie in there--very chic...

Wimberley day 2 045

Wimberley day 2 046

Wimberley day 2 044

Our last stop was in this little gem of a shop...Chick-a-dee's. I fell "IN" love with this shop the minute I walked in. It is filled with antiques of all sorts.

Wimberley day 2 029

I have started a small collection of vintage books for an antique bookcase I have in my home. Chick-a-dee's has a wide assortment of antique books in their shop, so the Hubby and I didn't hesitate to look through them. One of our favorite things to do when we pick up a vintage book is to read the Dedication page ...they are usually very moving with their word choice. Much is the same with all the books that were penned in the old days. Their style and manner of writing was just beautiful.

The book you see below, The Worst Foe, written by Grace Strong, caught our attention immediately. From what I can tell from my internet search about this book, it was published before 1923 and one website says that the was actually published in the year 1888. Wow!! Now I'm sure the one we found is a reprint and was published some time in the early 1900's, but still--its neat to look through vintage books and feel the pages. We searched the inside of the book for a publication date, but there is not one listed. After the Hubby read the dedication page aloud --we were both so moved by it and I knew I couldn't leave the store without it.


"To my mother, who taught my infant feet to walk, who directed my lisping accents aright, who carefully guarded me through helplessness until I reached the age of accountability, and who has ever since been my best companion and counsellor, whose tender encouragement nerved me for this effort, this book is affectionately dedicated."


What a touching tribute from the author to her mother. I just love it and am so thrilled to add it to my **slowly** growing vintage book collection.

***If any of you have suggestions for me about a great online store I could go to for the purchasing of vintage tell. I would love to hear your suggestions. ***

And that my friends concludes our recent little getaway to the Texas Hill Country. We had a wonderful time and yet, it feels so good to be back home. To have Little Man safely home with us feels even better and to sleep in my own bed again is pure heaven. Awwww....home sweet home.

It's really beginning to look and smell like spring down our way in South Texas. The orange trees are in bloom here in the valley and it smells as if someone has sprayed orange scented room spray all outside. What a beautiful day it is here today. I am super excited because Easter is just around the corner. Little Man absolutely L-O-V-E-S coloring Easter eggs and getting a visit from the Easter bunny!! He has been asking each night here lately to read all of the Easter bunny books for his bedtime stories. last tidbit for you--- be sure to check back later this week for my spring giveaway...

I really think you will like it!! ;-)



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