Friday, March 25, 2011

Dental check-up.

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As most of you moms out there know...taking your small child to see the Dentist can be quite "the experience".

Yesterday was Little Man's highly DREADED anticipated dental appointment. It was only the second time to see a dentist in his lifetime and poor little guy--he has been dreading it for weeks!

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, he began to cry from the backseat. I don't know who was more upset...him or me. I felt so bad for him because I knew he was sincerely frightened...but there wasn't much I could say or do to make him feel better.

He cried all the way from the parking lot to the front door of the office. When we walked inside and walked up to the counter, I told the front office staff that we there for his 4pm appointment. Oh-My!!....the weeping and wailing became even louder!! Poor guy...the anticipation is always the worst. We sat down and I hugged him and continued to reassure him that all the Dentist was going to do was use a really fancy toothbrush and make his teeth look nice and white. I explained to him that she'd probably have some cool stickers and prizes for him, too. I even tried to distract him with toys that were in the lobby, we read a few books. He continued to hug his favorite stuffed animal "Pebbles" as tightly as possible...but none of this helped much. He was shaking from head to toe and had goose bumps all over. Gosh, my heart broke for him.

After waiting in the lobby for 15 min., they called his name to come on back. He yells out at this point, "Mommy...mommy...I don't want to see the dentist!" I picked him up, he glued himself to my body--- wrapping his legs and arms around me as tightly as he could, and we began our journey through the doors to see the lovely dentist.

We had a few moments of drama once the Dentist walked in...but after she cleaned his buddy "Pebbles" teeth and gave him a sticker to wear-- Little Man was all ready after witnessing this to get his own teeth cleaned. He wanted to get some of those cool stickers like best buddy, "Pebbles".

The Dentist cleaned his teeth in a flash and it was all over just like that. Whew!! Little Man sat up from the table and said with the biggest grin, "I did it!!". He even gave the Dentist a great big bear hug after it was all over. We walked out with clean teeth, several cool stickers for both Little Man and Pebbles, a new toy dinosaur and let me tell ya... I was one worn out mommy!

We are happy to report that he has no cavities and the Dentist said his teeth look great.

Little Man's grandpa, Poppy, and his Uncle Brian are both dentists, so I know they will be happy to hear this report. ;-)

Happy Friday...


P.S. if you haven't already seen cjane's vlog for this week. Loved seeing her wear a matching moo-moo with her sis. Pretty dang funny! ;-)

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