Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bird feeders, succulents, and egg plants.

"If a child is to keep his inborn sense of wonder..he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in."
-Rachel Carson

We love spending time in our backyard. I have learned to appreciate the outdoors by following the example of my husband and my son. They both cherish time spent outdoors and being one with nature.

Now that spring time is upon us, we have been enjoying more time outside. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the grass is turning bright shades of green and we are seeing beautiful birds hang out in the trees all across our yard.

You may or may not be aware of this, but in our part of the state of Texas-- the Southern tip of Texas, it is known for the tropical climate. Because of this, it makes for an attractive area for a large amount of bird species to inhabit or to pass through during the migratory seasons. One popular place people like to visit when they are in our neck of the woods is this's a great place to go on guided tours and see all sorts of species of birds.

When the Hubby and I were in Wimberley last week, the home that we rented had several bird feeders just outside the window and each morning when we woke up, there would typically be several birds sitting and eating just outside our bedroom window. This got me to thinking....why the heck don't I have bird feeders up in our backyard???

Since then, I haven't been able to get it out of my brain. It's just been swirling and swirling around up there...I need to get some bird feeders. What a fun activity for me and my Little Man to do together.

And so, the two of us headed to Lowe's yesterday. We were on a mission to find us some bird feeders. Well, let me clarify that...Mommy was on a mission while Little Man was on his own -- to run down every isle in the store, play with every trinket and gadget and you get the get into as much mess as humanly possible for a 4 year old boy. Whew!! It's always an experience to go into Lowe's with him. ;-) We had fun though, and yes, I'm embarrassed to say that the entire staff at Lowe's now knows my son's name. But our mission was accomplished in the end. We found some great bird feeders for our backyard. And of course...we came home with some other goodies, too.

{Just in case some of you are wondering...Little Man DOES NOT have a need for prescription eyeglasses, he just enjoys wearing Mommy and/or Daddy's cheap 'ole reading glasses around the house. When he wears them, he calls himself Dr. Naylor (a/k/a his pediatrician..) the funny thing though is Dr. Naylor doesn't even wear glasses.}

Okay...back to those bird feeders. When we got home, we laid the goods all out on the kitchen counter so I could assess what needed to be assembled and what tools I would need. Usually the Hubby handles stuff like this, but I wanted to do this all on my own.

It took about 30 minutes to get the pole assembled, dig a hole for it and set up the feeders in the backyard. Little Man had so much fun filling the bird feeders with the food.

While at Lowe's we also found this great turquoise umbrella for our outdoor table. Now that we have some shade, we can eat outdoors more often and not burn in the sun. We are VERY fair skinned folks if you haven't already noticed!

I absolutely LOVE succulents and have been wanting to add one to my front porch...they had a few of these left at Lowe's in the gardening section, so I picked up one.

I think it adds a nice little touch to our front porch, don't you?

I couldn't pass this petunia planter up adds a nice "POP" of color to our front porch. Sidenote: Please disregard all that icky pollen that has so nicely found a home on our chair. You know it's springtime in Texas when all the pollen begins appearing. Time to stock up on the Benadryl!!

And lastly, you may have seen these already, but I thought Little Man would enjoy taking care of these little egg plants. Lowe's has a wide assortment of egg plants to choose from. The Easter bunny just might be leaving a few of these for him on Easter morning.

Thank you Lowe's for having everything we needed yesterday!! We love our new bird feeders. It was cute, when I dropped Little Man off at his pre-school classroom this morning, the first thing he said to his teacher when he walked in was, "We put up bird feeders in our backyard!!" He said it very excitedly and then very seriously he continued with, "But... no birds came." His teacher just smiled at me and then bent down next to him, put her arm around him and said, "Oh they will honey--they'll definitely come to visit your bird feeders. You just have to be patient." gotta love pre-school school teachers. They know how to make everything better with a few kind words and a big hug...even for us parents! ;-)

Don't forget to check back tomorrow...

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