Friday, March 11, 2011

All to myself...

2011-03-11 Day 1 Houston

"Relaxing is like playing an instrument. To become proficient, we must practice, practice, practice."

My hubby often tells me that I need to relax more. It's hard for me to relax, I'll admit it. I come by it naturally though. :-) I finally took some time (after resigning from that job I was telling you about in one of my previous posts) and got a massage. The hubby bought one for me a while back because he thought it might help me relax. The massage therapist commented while I was there that I must carry my stress in my back. She said I had knots all down the left side of my back. My response to her was "Yes, I'm sure you are right, but I'm guessing those knots are from picking up my wild and woolly 4 year old son all the time!" I know..I know...he's really getting too big for me to pick up now, but it's just a natural reaction to want to still pick him up.

I don't think I'm the only mom out there who suffers from the whole not being able to relax thing. Am I?? I believe we as women, wives and mothers don't take enough time for ourselves to rest and relax. We put others needs above our own...which is a beautiful and honorable trait, however it can be taxing on our bodies, minds and spirits. Especially if we don't make time to recharge our batteries.

In an effort to have some time to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul, my Hubby and I are taking the next several days off from our "crazy and hectic life" to spend some quality time together--just the two of us.

Day 1 Houston 026

We headed to Houston yesterday to start our little getaway. Houston is about 6 hours from where we live in South Texas. Little Man came with us for this portion of the trip and his grandparents (my mama and papa) met us here last night. We all went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe (a/k/a the "Gorilla Cafe" to our son). The food isn't the best in my opinion, but to see our Little Man enjoy it is well worth it. He loves seeing all the Rainforest animals and getting root beer in the lighted cup. His grandparents enjoyed getting to hang out with him there, too.

We are staying at this very snazzy hotel near the Galleria. It is so "fancy" as the Hubby calls it. When we arrived back at the hotel last night after having dinner with my parents, this is what we found waiting for us.

Day 1 Houston 009

Day 1 Houston 001

Now that is pretty fancy, don't ya think??

Little Man was beaming from ear to ear (as was the Hubby) when they saw it.

2011-03-11 Day 1 Houston1

This morning, my parents came over to our hotel to pick up Little Man and take him to their home in East Texas to spend the next 6 days. All of his Dallas cousins are coming to see him while he is there. I know he will have a blast playing with them. It's always so emotional for me when I have to say bye to him though when he goes to stay with his grandparents, but I know that the Hubby and I need this time together alone and Little Man needs this time with his grandparents. They love him so and have been looking forward to getting to spend some quality time with him.

After giving him a big hug and kiss and yes, getting tearful watching them drive out of the hotel parking lot-- I headed back up to our hotel room. The hubby has 2 depositions today on one of his cases at a law firm near our hotel, so I have the hotel room all to myself.

Hum....what shall I do???

Day 1 Houston 047

Day 1 Houston 016

I think I may hop back in that comfy bed and take a catnap...something I rarely get to do these days.

Maybe enjoy a relaxing, hot bath...

Day 1 Houston 017

2011-03-11 Day 1 Houston2

Day 1 Houston 021

The beautiful view of Houston from our room.

Day 1 Houston 029

I ordered some room service for lunch...the House Oak Salad and the Remington Tortilla Soup.
2011-03-11 Day 1 Houston3

Day 1 Houston 038-1

Day 1 Houston 061

And then...I'm thinking a movie might be in the plans for my afternoon.

Day 1 Houston 040

Day 1 Houston 062

My lunch was oh-so-tasty!! And I must admit, I am enjoying having this time all to myself. :-) It's a rarity when you are a wife and mom.

This evening, the Hubby and I are headed to this world famous event and have box seats to see this amazing band. Yee-haw!! Looking forward to our date night. And yes, we both have our cowboy/girl boots all shined and ready to go!

A special thank you to my dear parents for taking care of our little guy these next several days. I know you will have a great time together. We love you both so much are truly grateful to you for making the long drive to Houston to meet us and pick Little Man up.

Happy Friday, my friends!! Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in Japan who have been hurt or impacted by the devastating earthquakes and tsunami. May God bless each of you and your loved ones during this terrible tragedy.



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