Monday, January 24, 2011

Enjoying family scripture study.

We have recommitted this year to spending time together as a family studying the scriptures. So far, since the new year rolled in, we have been doing a pretty good job of reading together each night before we hit the hay.

In fact, it is one of Little Man's favorite activities in the evenings. He loves to be in charge of placing everyone's scriptures out on the dining table. He insists that we sit in the same spots each time.

When I or the Hubby announce it's time to read together, he usually will run to the bookshelf and pull down all three sets of scriptures from the bookcase. It is cute to watch him get so excited about this family activity. ( I don't know how long this will I am savoring it.) Honestly, when we began including him in our scripture study, we kind of figured he'd be resistant to it and get frustrated...but so far, it has been the complete opposite. He sits still and patiently waits his turn to read (usually). Many nights we'll read two chapters and then some evenings, we only make it through a few verses together. It pretty much depends on Little Man's attention span and the length of discussions our readings may spark. We really try not to wear him out and force him to sit longer than he can, but like I said, as it has been going so far, he is happy and content if we read as long as we want to.

We are studying the New Testament together this year as a family. Little Man absolutely LOVES hearing stories of Jesus Christ. He often talks about Jesus during the course of the day and asks us questions about specifics of where Jesus was born and if He was nice to his friends. I especially like to hear him say Jesus' name out loud and then to tell us how much he loves him. While I know he is still young, it has been humbling for us to watch his testimony grow. What a powerful reminder to us of how important these early years are in our son's life as he develops a solid foundation in the Gospel. Yes, indeed....this is an important time where we (as his parents) have a great responsibility to teach him as much as we can about the Gospel principles and why living a good, righteous life is so important for him and his future.

Our approach to reading the scriptures has been taking turns reading the verses out loud. Little Man gets so excited when it's his turn. Now obviously, since he's only 4-years old, he doesn't exactly read when it is his turn...instead, he tells us a story of Jesus (usually a long and dramatic story he comes up with) and when he's finished he'll enthusiastically point to me and say "Mommy, it's your turn to read..." The Hubby and I get a kick out of watching him act as if he is actually reading the verses. Of course, when he finishes, we tell him how proud we are of his reading and what a good job he is doing. He usually is beaming from ear to ear after we praise him.

We usually try to incorporate some visual aids to help him understand the scripture lessons we study.

C.S. Lewis was quoted as saying that.... "Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important."

I hope we can continue to teach our little fella the significance of cultivating his faith and testimony each and every day through scripture study and prayer. We sure are having fun studying together as a family. I am seeing first-hand why our church leaders continually encourage us to begin reading scriptures with our children while they are young. This steady and consistent routine makes such a difference in the lives of children. For our little guy, it so evident that he not only loves to learn about the stories of Jesus, but even more so, he thoroughly enjoys this bonding time when the three of us sit down together (when we essentially tune out the world) and spend quality time together as a family studying the scriptures.



  1. Beautiful pictures! We love family scripture study and just read Matthew 20 tonight together.

  2. Hi Jennifer, it's been a while since we've seen you and your family--I hope all is going well! I just stumbled upon you blog, and it is beautiful. I can really feel the joy and love in your family. Thank you for the glimpse into your lives and the small but sweet bit of inspiration in this post!


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