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Through the eyes of a child...

"As our years accumulate, the wonders that belong to the season of Christmas will quietly develop into a more fundamental view. In simpler terms...We will one day no longer be able to view the magic of the season through the eyes of a child, and that's what it takes... To take yourself back to a time where time stands still....A time where reindeer still fly, where snowmen dance in the streets, and Santa's workshop is as real as the street you live on."

-Clyde Beal

I had the opportunity to step back in time I guess you could say and experience Christmas through the eyes of a child while at my son's preschool Christmas party. It was precious to see the excitement in the children's eyes and to feel the energy in the room as they and their teachers readied themselves for the festivities. I was especially touched by the sparkle in my own son's eyes when I walked into his classroom and he yelled out, "Mommy!" and came running to give me a big hug. My heart overflowed with love for him. At that moment, I felt such gratitude for being able to share this moment with him as his mother. Yes my friends, Christmas takes on a whole new beautiful, wonderful feel when you can see it through a child's eyes.

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 008
The bulletin board when you enter his classroom is of a nativity scene...and guess who is Baby Jesus this year?

His teacher laughed when she saw me grinning from ear to ear when I noticed it and said, "Well, I thought it was only fitting since he is the youngest one in the class."

Too precious...

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 045

For the party, the children decorated gingerbread men, colored Christmas nativity pictures, played games outside, and then chowed down on delicious Delia's tamales, pizza, cupcakes, fruit cups and cookies galore.
2010-12-14 Noah's 4K Christmas Party 20102

A surprise visitor made a stop from the North Pole...oh-my, how excited Little Man was to get to sit on Santa's lap once again before Christmas morning arrives.
2010-12-14 Noah's 4K Christmas Party 20101

2010-12-14 Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 044

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 071
After decorating his gingerbread man, he had to wait until everyone was finished to taste it. This was a test of patience for him- whew! (and mommy, too) that's for sure. :-)
Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 073
I finally let him eat one of the gumdrops off his cookie and that pacified him until it was time to dig in.

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 074
He wasn't too sure about this fruit tray in the beginning...notice the sour look on his face.

He decided to just push it aside and enjoy the other food and dessert items. Honestly, do you blame him...humm...let's see- if I had to choose between fruit and cupcakes...uh-yep, I'd go with the cupcakes, too!
Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 078

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 079

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 085

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 051
The children gathered around their two fabulous Pre-K teachers to present their gifts...oh how they love their teachers. This was evident in how excited they were to see them open their gifts. Genuine love.

We feel blessed to have Little Man in such a remarkable pre-school program. He is learning so much. Each morning he walks into their classroom grinning from ear to ear--happy to be there and ready for a new day. I think that is a good sign...
Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 061

After the children enjoyed their food and desserts and presented the teachers their gifts, it was then time for their own gift exchange.

The boys began their gift exchange by doing musical chairs. Little Man wasn't too sure about this in the beginning. He was just ready to open his gift. But he quickly warmed up to it.
Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 088

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 089
Poor guy...since he's the smallest and youngest in his class, he was the first to go out. But--hey...he was the first to get to choose a gift--so he felt like a winner in the end. Whew! ;-)
Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 095

2010-12-14 Noah's 4K Christmas Party 20103
When he opened the gift, he said, "How cool, Mommy!"
Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 039
Can you tell who the future Jim Carrey is in this picture???

Noah's 4K Christmas Party 2010 010

This is by far my favorite picture from the party. A pure joy and love for Santa Claus can be seen on his little face here. Oh my...make this mama's heart melt!! I will never forget this moment at the party... it was his turn to talk with Santa, he excitedly climbed in Santa's lap---all the while, not wanting to take his eyes off Santa. And then saying as lovingly and child-like he said looking at Santa, "I love you Santa." He was the only child in the room to say this. Yep...this 'ole mama shed a tear after watching this. The other mommies in the room heard it and all said in unison with me.... "Awwww..."

As I look through all these precious pictures, I want to share a few thoughts with my Little Man. Words that he can't read on his own yet, but... in years to come will hopefully appreciate as he pulls out these family blog scrapbooks to read.

How thankful your mom is to have been there with you at your 4 year old Christmas party and to share in this exciting time with you. It warmed my heart to watch you interact with your friends and teachers. I felt like the proudest and happiest mom on this earth to be there. I hope you know today and every day how very proud your Daddy and Mommy are of you. For the tender and loving spirit that you are. For the love and enthusiasm you have for your life. For the kindness that you show the simplest of strangers. That wonderful, beautiful, big smile of yours is contagious when it beams brightly for the world to see. I especially love this new phase you are in where everywhere you go, you introduce yourself by saying, "Hi, my name is Noah...what's your name?" Your tender spirit melts the hardest of hearts when you do this...I know, because I have seen it happen on more than one occasion as you made your introduction to a stranger who I would not have even had the courage to introduce myself to.

Yes my son, I hope this Christmas and for many more to come, that you continue to see Christmas through the eyes of an innocent child. I pray that Christmas will continue to be a time of year that for YOU.... will continue to stand still. Yes my son...a time of year and place in your heart where Frosty never melts, and nine reindeer really do fly.

We know that this will be a special Christmas for you as you are now old enough to truly enjoy and savor the festivities of this wondrous holiday. It is our prayer that you will always know and remember the real reason for this season though. And that is of course the birth of Jesus Christ...the person you so fondly tell us is "my friend". We want you to always remember how much the Savior loves YOU. He is ever watchful and mindful of you and your life. He knows you by name. This I know with assurance, for it was with His help and direction, that your Daddy and Mommy were led to you. We love you dearly and are grateful to be able to enjoy the magic of this season with you as your parents. You make this holiday so much more meaningful and special for us.

I am reminded of one of your Daddy's favorite Christmas movies (the one we were frantically searching for today at Wal-Mart)....Miracle on 34th Street. I'm sure we will be watching it once or twice in the coming days. :-) And, I'm guessing you will learn to love this movie as much as Daddy does. One of my favorite lines from this movie is this....

"Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to."

--from the character Doris Walker, Miracle on 34th Street, circa 1947

How true this little gem of a quote is my son. We hope as you continue to grow and mature you will strive to hold on to that child-like faith you currently have (and not just during the Christmas holidays) but throughout your life. If so, I promise you your life will be sweeter and have deeper meaning as you continue your journey here on earth. We love you very much.

2010 Christmas card

And, yippee...only 4 more days until the big day!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!



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