Monday, December 27, 2010

Our christmas morning...

Christmas Day 2010 078

Christmas morning as a kid can be truly thrilling...but we learned this year--for the parents of small are completely pooped and exhausted when it's finally time to get the party started when the kids wake up. I literally felt like I had been to not just one, but two slumber parties where I had stayed up all night!

The Hubby and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning helping Santa set everything up....

By 2:00 A.M., of course, Little Man was fast asleep but we were still going strong yet beginning to feel a bit dazed and confused.

Christmas Day 2010 046
But we sure had fun together...laughing and cracking up at each other during the set-up process.

2010-12-27 Christmas Day 20101

And of course, no visit from Santa would be complete without a little note from the main man and a few remnants of the cookies he snacked on while setting out all the gifts.

Christmas Day 2010 080

On Christmas morning--surprisingly...Little Man was still nestled in our bed at 9:00 A.M., and well...since the Hubby and I were both so excited to begin Little Man's Christmas fun...we went ahead and woke him up to get the festivities started!!

All we had to say was that we peeked in the front living room and it looked as if Santa had already stopped by...he came flying out of the bed with excitement!

He was quickly ready to go...

Christmas Day 2010 086

Christmas Day 2010 095

Christmas Day 2010 106

2010-12-27 Christmas Day 20103

Christmas Day 2010 149

Christmas Day 2010 162

2010-12-27 Christmas Day 2010

2010-12-27 Christmas Day 20102

2010-12-27 Christmas Day 20105

2010-12-27 Christmas Day 20109

2010-12-27 Christmas Day 20104

2010-12-27 Christmas Day 20106

Christmas Day 2010 154

Christmas Day 2010 137

My parents surprised me with this amazing gift...oh-my!!! I was so not expecting this. Hence why I have not been blogging here lately...I'm such an i-Pad junkie now!!
2010-12-27 Christmas Day 20107

Christmas Day 2010 213

The final remnants of our Christmas morning...we sure had fun opening all Santa's gifts this year and spending time together as a family on this special holiday. I especially enjoyed the much needed nap that I got that afternoon. ;-)

It was cute...each time Little Man would open a present, he would say, "Wow...this is my favorite!" or he'd exclaim, "How cool!"

The Hubby and I were grinning from ear to ear all morning watching him savor this Christmas.

Christmas Day 2010 248



  1. How wonderful for the three of you to have that time together. He looks like he got some awesome presents. I loved all the unwrapping action shots.

  2. I love it!! My littlest man got a Buzz doll, a train table and a tent with the tunnel attached!! I laughed when I saw the pics!! Too cute!


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