Sunday, November 7, 2010

The week and weekend.

At Little Man's preschool this week...he was "Star of the Week".

He was pretty excited about it. In preparation for this, his teacher asked us to put together a poster with pictures highlighting special things about our Little Man.

He helped me pick out the pictures and glue them on the poster.

We were both proud of the way it turned out. Last Monday morning, we walked into his classroom and handed it to his teacher where it hung all week for his friends to see.

His mommy and daddy are sure proud of their little star of the week!!


The Hubby has been so super busy the past several weeks. Running his law practice and being a busy lawyer demands a great deal of his time, however now coupled with his church calling as a Bishop, our life has been somewhat turned upside down.

All in all though...not in a bad way. :-) It is just requiring some adjustments and creative scheduling to find time to spend together.

But we are learning to live this new life as best we can. One way we are trying to adjust is squeezing in some family time whenever we can. The Hubby has been practically living in Houston the past 3 weeks working on a trial and then driving home on the weekends to see us and manage his church calling. He had to make a quick trip from Houston to San Antonio for work this past Thursday, so Little Man and I decided to meet him in San Antonio for a little family time while he was there.

We drove up Thursday afternoon and met him after he wrapped up some meetings he had to attend. And of course, no trip to San Antonio would be complete if we didn't take Little Man to this restaurant. So, Thursday night, we spent our evening enjoying watching Little Man take in some "Gorilla Cafe" a/k/a Rainforest Cafe and then walking on the Riverwalk.

We were cracking up because while we walking down the Riverwalk (and if you aren't familiar with San Antonio Riverwalk, everyone dines outside the restaurants along the river)...Little Man, being the social person he is, kept walking up to people (complete strangers) eating at their tables saying, "Hi, I'm Noah....what's your name?" And then he would proceed to tell them, "I'm going to the Gorilla Cafe!"

Everyone just smiled at him and many gave him a pat on the head or a high - five. The Hubby and I just looked from the sidelines smiling and shaking our heads.

While the Hubby finished his meetings on Friday morning, Little Man and I ran out for some breakfast and then had fun just hanging out in the room watching cartoons and playing with the camera.

(two pictures on the right above taken by Little Man)

That afternoon, we headed over to the San Antonio temple. I haven't been to this temple since 2005 when it was first dedicated, so it was such a treat for me to see it and walk on the grounds.

What a beautiful temple it is. We enjoyed getting to talk with Little Man in more detail about temples while we were there.

He just kept saying..."It's really pretty Mommy".

(picture above taken by Little Man)

(picture above of the Hubby taken by Little Man)

(pictures above taken by Little Man)

I must say...our Little Man is becoming quite the photographer with Mommy's fancy camera. He loves it and has a very unique technique that I'll have to share with you in a later post.

On Saturday, we had to say good-bye to the Hubby again and head back home. The Hubby had to stay in town an extra day so he could attend our ward's youth temple trip at the San Antonio temple.

And so, Little Man and I hit the road again for our 4-hour drive home together.

We listened to Christmas music most of the way home. ;-)

Final thoughts....We had a really nice weekend and enjoyed our time together as a family in San Antonio.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend.




  1. what a cutie your Little Man is. Those eyes, sooo beautiful! How fun to go up to be where your hubby was. My husband and i have been making efforts in this same area. Finding creative moments to sneak in a little extra family time. It really does make a difference, even if it is just a couple of stolen moments here and there. Loved reading your post and insight as always. You have such a sweet way with words. Have a good week!

  2. I love the San Antonio Temple. We went to Josh and Amanda Ritter's sealing there. It sits so beautifully in the hills there! Way to go Noah on being Star Student! Love all the photos you share that he has taken at his little angle on life. Beauty!

  3. I loved reading all of Noah's favorites. The car wash? That is soooo cute.

  4. Oh my goodness! Your little man is an excellent photographer!


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