Friday, October 15, 2010

While on the road...

gilmer road trip oct. 2010 130

My mom and I were able to break up our very long 10 hour road trip by stopping in Dallas to see my family. All three of my brothers live in the Dallas area with their families. I haven't seen them in a long time. I was really looking forward to our visit.

We all met up at my brother Jeff and his wife Jill's home. They just closed on their home last week. It was nice that we were able to spend time with them at their new place.

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct7

My brother Brent playing "wheelbarrow" with his son, Beck. Beck is a HOSS!!

Can you believe he is only 2 years old??!! Noah is almost 2 years older than him, but you would never guess it by looking at the two of them together.

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct1

Little Man had a blast playing with his cousins. He giggled and laughed non-stop.

I loved watching this.

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct2

My two nephews, Beck and precious are these guys??!!

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct3

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct4

Marcus flexing his muscles for all of us...

gilmer road trip oct. 2010 124

and then he was completely pooped out!

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct5

I sure wish these guys could hang out more often.

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct6

gilmer road trip oct. 2010 088

Little Man taking note of all the airplanes that were flying over while he played in Uncle Jeff's backyard.

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2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct8

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct9

My nieces, Ava and Lola opening their b-day presents from us. Poor Ava wasn't feeling well...she had her 4 year old immunizations earlier that day and was running a fever. KiKi was giving her some TLC.

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct

We had a great visit with everyone but sadly, it had to come to an end.

(Side note: I feel so bad, when I downloaded all my pics from our get-together, I didn't have any of my brother Jeff, sister-in-law's Jill and Sheri or my niece, Kinsey---all I had of them was video footage. I'm going to upload the pics from my mother's more pics of our visit to come...)

Afterwards, we headed to our hotel, more than ready to catch up on some much needed ZZZ's.


Let me just say, we felt zero guilt in sleeping in the next morning....Little Man had his 4 year old immunizations before we left town, so he has still been feeling a little puny from those.

Oh, and I must explain....he insisted on wearing KiKi's very soft, pajama top to bed, so that is why he is wearing polka dots!! My mom and I were cracking up. And let me just say, if the Hubby would have been there, he most definitely would have frowned upon this polka-dot apparel for his son. ;-)

Sorry honey...he was just too cute in it to say No...

2010-10-15 gilmer road trip oct10

A good night's sleep did us well...

gilmer road trip oct. 2010 176

...after our R&R, we were all refreshed and ready for some shopping at the Galleria and then to hop back in the car again and hit the road for our final destination....East Texas.

2010-10-15 october 20101

As soon as we arrived at the Galleria, we were starving, so we had lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe...and all I can say is...oh my goodness, be still my heart! ;-) When I come to Dallas, I love when I get to eat here.

2010-10-15 october 20102

2010-10-15 october 2010

2010-10-15 october 20103

The Asian Chicken Salad is to die for as well as the Madeira Chicken...yum...yum!!

october 2010 029

Awww...**sigh** absolute, all-time favorite home decor store. It did my heart good to meander through this amazing slice of heaven on earth. And, oh-my-goodness, it never ceases to amaze me how awesome their decor products and ideas are for this wanna-be-decorator. here is my wishlist after visiting the mecca store:

Let's see....I want one of these.
A few of these (I'm still kicking myself I didn't buy some while I was there!)
And I really need want 3 of these for our front living room mantle this Christmas to hang our stockings.
And then let's see... these would be a nice addition to our dining room table decor.

Okay...I know, I'm getting carried away, but this chicka's wishlist would also include a few of these as well.

I hope you are taking notes, Hubby. ;-)

Oh well, it doesn't hurt if a girl likes to dream of an endless, "bottomless pit" shopping spree in the "mecca" store...does it??

2010-10-15 october 20104

Little Man grew tired of all the shopping, so we plopped down and let him enjoy playing at the indoor mall park with all the other kiddo's. He had a ton of stored up energy from our 8 hour drive that he really needed to be let out.

We had a nice stop in Dallas...good memories made with my family...

I am reminded each time I am with my brothers, how thankful I am to have them in my life. They each have grown into amazing men and it warms my heart to see them each happy, healthy and {in love} with their families.

I will forever be grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with such strong, dedicated and loving brothers!

And now off to East Texas for the remainder of our visit...well, except for the other little trip I get to make to Dallas next week to pick up my Hubby at the airport. I am so ready to see him and have our date night in Big-D!

Date night???....awww...sigh....something we rarely get to enjoy these days since life has become so hectic and busy.

Until then...I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends I haven't seen in a while.



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  1. I love Madeira Chicken but have never eaten at Grand Luxe...guess next time I'm in Dallas it is on the to-do list.

    PB...goes without sayin'

    And seriously, do you ever take a bad picture? So beautiful and I love the photos with your mom!!


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