Friday, October 1, 2010

Lower Lights.

{Reminder...before you click play on the videos in this post, you'll need to first pause the music playing in the sidebar of this blog...otherwise you will be REALLY irritated with me!! ;-) }

"Music can set an atmosphere of worship which invites to the spirit of revelation, of testimony."

- Boyd K. Packer

I am going to be frank. I struggle with singing hymns on Sundays. I sometimes just feel a little rebellious in general when it comes to having to sing hymns in church. The lyrics, I always find touching, however, the melodies don't always grab me. I know...I know...I need an attitude adjustment in this area. I'm working on it. Now I am sure it doesn't help that I am a terrible singer. Plain and simple. And to make matters worse, a great deal of hymns it seems like are often sung in a high pitched soprano manner, which for this alto, is a struggle.

Don't get me wrong though, there are so many beautiful hymns that I am fond of and even feel super giddy when we get to sing them at church. A few of those being this one, and this one, and this one.

I can also tell you that in my times of stress and sadness, listening to or humming a favorite hymn can bring me the solace I am needing. In essence, they help soothe my soul and draw me closer to the Savior.

I especially love to listen to inspirational music/hymns when I am driving in the car or working around the house. In fact, I recently just purchased this soundtrack and have enjoyed listening to it.

Here lately though, I have been looking for inspirational music that is a little more unique. Yes, unique, but in a manner that maintains the sacredness of the words found within the hymns.

Lo and behold, I stumbled onto an ensemble of amazingly talented musicians and singers that have the most unique sound and style for hymns... Lower Lights. I actually first heard about this band in a post I read by one of my favorite bloggers. And let me tell you, oh my goodness...I am in love with their debut album.

Oh yes m'aam... I will be placing an order for this album in the coming days.

So head on over here and check their album out. My personal favorite is Secret Prayer. The hubby's favorite is Count Your Blessings.

So there you have it my friends...a new band to check out.

It's late and I'm off to bed to catch some ZZZ's in preparation for this.

I hope you will tune in and watch it, too. It is truly a special event and will no doubt uplift you spiritually. Or, if you are not of my faith, but would simply like to learn more about what we believe, you should tune in.

Oh and of course, I'm going to have to squeeze in some time for the watching of this little game this weekend, too.

As much as this pains me to say {my heart belongs to the Aggies}...





  1. I so feel your pain in the subject of singing. I can remember my great- grandmother smiling and moving her lips, but never a sound. I inherited her voice and large hands. I do love to sing, but I sound so much better whe I am all alone. The group is great. I'm going to search for them on I-tunes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's great to hear from you Wendy!

  3. I appreciate your strong Christian testimony.


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