Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade

For Halloween this year, I gave Little Man 3 choices for his costume...

{since I am not a crafty sewer of all things....thank you Old Navy for coming through for me again this year!!}

Choice #1: A Dalmatian puppy...

Choice #2: A shark...


Choice #3: A dragon...{special thanks to his Aunt T for buying the dragon costume for his birthday!}

He opted for choice #3. {I knew that was the one he would pick...mama's instinct!}

At his preschool today, they had a Halloween parade. All the children were asked to wear their Halloween costumes for the big day and waltz them around the courtyard of the school for all the parents and grandparents to see. Afterwards, they celebrated the event with a party. The kids were so super excited.

About halfway through the parade, the Hubby leaned over and said, "Man, they go all out on the costumes don't they!!"

Yes, was really neat to see how unique and creative so many of the kids costumes were.

I think it is just great that at our son's school, they have a school environment where they let the kids be kids..yes, the academics are the focus, however, it is evident by all their supplemental activities (like the school parade) that they want to help develop in the children more than just their ABC's, arithmetic, etc.. They are more interested in educating the "whole child"... unfortunately, many schools of today...that is not the case. We feel blessed that we have found such an amazing school for our son to flourish in.

And surprisingly, to cap off a wonderful school parade....we had a cold, crisp morning...the first one we've had this fall...

I think it was because I prayed a big prayer last night (wink**wink) asking that it be cool for the parade...otherwise, our little guy was going to burn up in his costume.

In the end, it all worked out beautifully. Couldn't have asked for better weather. ;-) And Little Man had a blast with his friends and teachers.


Lastly, a friend sent this to me today...
Good advice to remember this Halloween weekend!

Happy Halloween !!



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