Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween'd out...

Little Man and his friends at school got to carve a pumpkin. His sweet teacher emailed these pictures to us this weekend.

I totally cracked up when I saw this pic above...I know this must have been hard for him, touching the "guts" of the pumpkin.

He has some serious sensory issues when it comes to touching certain things, i.e. gooey, abrasive, etc. .... and by the look on his face above...he must have struggled a bit on this part of the pumpkin carving. I'm so proud of him though...what a trooper!

And it turned out to be a really cute pumpkin after all!!

I definitely think Little Man was Halloween'd out by the end of Friday!


Last night was our church Trunk-or-Treat activity. Sorry...I have zero pics for ya (shocker, I know!!!)

I was the designated party planner (along with another sister from the other ward we shared the activity with) and to put simply...I was a little too stressed out trying to keep it all running smoothly. So much in fact that I didn't even have time to get Little Man dressed in his costume until an hour into the fun. He didn't seem to mind too much. When I found him on the stage of the gym to put him in his costume, he was running around like a mad man playing with other kids, having a blast!

My shortlist of "bummers" from the event:

1.) I didn't have as many people as I had expected to show up to help with the set-up process.
Thank goodness the missionaries (angels) showed up just in time to help me set up all the tables.

2.) For the chili-cook off, everyone was asked to have their chili there by the 5:30 serving time rolled around, I only had 4 pots of chili and had over 400 people to feed.
Holy cow!!

3.) The side dishes that also should have been there by 5:00 (which included cornbread, crackers, cheese, onions, chives)...and by serving time at 5:30, I only had 3 bags of shredded cheese, 3 boxes of crackers and one pan of cornbread to serve, and yes...still 400 anxious and hungry trick-or-treaters to feed.
Heart attack time!

Thankfully, by 6:00, more chili and other side dishes had slowly started to pour in and the buffet line of trick-or-treaters were fed well. :-)

4.) By 8:00pm (when the event ended)...I had an uh-oh moment...I didn't even think about assigning a clean-up crew. Drats!!

Let's just say it was a late night...thankfully there were some sweet friends who stayed behind to help us clean the building. Little Man especially loved getting to help mop the gym floor!! ;-)

Now my gems... those make me smile, happy moments to remember from this year's trunk-or-treat:

1.) While serving chili, I looked up onto to the stage and amidst all the kids running around and playing...a little boy comes running through the circle of trick-or-treaters wearing only his underwear. was our son...the Bishop's son... streaking the crowd. ;-)

When I got a hold of him and asked him why he had taken off his costume, he said, " Mommy it was just too hot!" He fought me on putting it back on so we compromised. He put back on his bottoms (the dragon legs) and I let him wear his street shirt instead of the dragon top and head.

2.) At the lemonade stand, I looked over and saw my son taking a sip out of all the prepared cups of lemonade. Classic little boy!

3.) My hubby walking in with his pot of chili that he hand prepared from scratch... wearing a monk costume. I busted out laughing. I didn't even know he had that costume until yesterday. And, his chili ROCKED the chili-cook-off by the way.

4.) Just after I had set up the dessert table, the hubby came and got me and said, "Go look at what your son did." My response..."Oh what??!!" When I walked over, I found over 15 cupcakes sitting on the dessert table (waiting to be served) with all the green frosting licked off the top.
No shocker when I looked over and saw him running around with green frosting all around his mouth and face.

Final Reflections...

As frustrated as I was at the start of our trunk-or-treat event because things didn't go off as smoothly as I had planned... And amidst all the hustle and bustle of the night's events, I took a moment last night to just step back, sit down and look at what was going on around me. I observed all the kids (big and small) having great fun... laughing and playing games together. Families were sitting together, talking and spending quality time with one another. And lastly, probably one of the things I love most about living in South Texas, seeing so many of our full-time missionaries ( as far as the eye can see since we have so many in this area) walking around spreading their kindness and genuine love with others.

...I just simply had to pause, smile and savor this moment.

I was reminded by my Hubby in a discussion we had afterwards that it isn't really about the fancy decorations, the tasty food and refreshments or the elaborate games/activities that matter most at church events like this.

No, on the contrary, the more important focus is these activities allow the members of our congregation an opportunity to get together as a "church family" and spend time together to fellowship.

We are usually guaranteed to leave feeling more united and our hearts more intricately knitted together in the Gospel. I am truly grateful to be a member of this church and to have the opportunity to serve and grow spiritually with so many special people in our ward.

In the end, all the preparation and work for this year's Trunk-or-Treat was so worth it.

And lastly, my priceless moment was when it was time for the actual "trunk-or-treating" outside to begin. Little Man decided he didn't want to go around to collect candy for himself...I was a little surprised by this. Instead he said to me, "Mommy, I pass it out." And so we did this together, sitting in the back of his Daddy's truck-- he passed out all the candy we had. The smile on his face and the joy I observed him experience will most definitely be a memory I will always hold near and dear to my heart.

I am so thankful for his tender heart.

Speaking of a tender heart, when you have a few minutes, you should watch this video. I was touched by this young man and his dedication to serving orphans in Honduras. Truly inspired by the depth of maturity and love in someone of his age.




  1. I'm sorry, Jenn, but I just had to laugh out loud when I read about the cupcakes! Priceless! And, I'd be willing to bet all moms of boys will surely understand. :)

  2. Yep, I think you're right Amy! It was pretty funny...there was no way I could get mad at him. I just wish I would have had my camera there to get a picture of him in the act of licking those cupcakes!:-)

  3. Hey Jennifer! Gerardo and I call it running on 'valley time'! everything is always an hour later than you plan for!!! It drove me crazy when we first moved here :) I wanted to let you know that the trunk or treat was FABULOUS! we have our non-member friends come each year and they always love it...thank you for all of your hard work!

  4. Thanks so much, Angela!! It really was great fun!


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